Leaving Behind The Commercial Office For Your Home Business?

There is the saying that the corporate world is the ‘rat race’ because so many people are all facing the same way and running towards the same thing. Well in 2018 there could be a new ‘rat race’ that is emerging only this one is more attractive to the wider public.

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Starting a home business has become a viable option for almost anyone. Everything you do is from home and consists of learning about the ecommerce world and everything that makes it the powerhouse that it is today. However if you’re the owner of a business that is in a commercial building, it can feel as if you can’t actually pack up and leave. Wanting to start a new journey but feeling trapped by your assets is hindering your desire to work from home. Selling off your business might be a good idea to release you from your current way of life. On the other hand, after working so hard to start it why should you ditch it now unless you’re really unhappy or feel there’s nothing more you can do? You can still own your business but sell where work took place, i.e. sell your commercial office.

Modern capabilities

Someone just like you will want to find their commercial office and require the same things you do. Therefore you should test and check your office for all the modern capabilities it can manage. For example, get accurate data on how fast and secure the internet is to the computers. Check the security system to make sure you have great protection from viruses and malware both from external and internal threats. How fast and modern are the computers for working, i.e. the RAM, CPU and software performance? Are there any projectors that can be used for presentations and meetings in the conference rooms? These kinds of things need to be tested and then you can advertise them as being modern and part of the office. It’s a more alluring sell if there is already a base of strong capabilities in the office and they don’t have to be bought separately.

All safe to go

Just like a residential property you need to make sure the commercial office is safe. Calling a professional commercial surveyor such as Allcott Commercial surveyors, who can look through and assess the building for suitability for fitting out and utilization of space. The access to the building such as fire escapes and elevators will also be assessed. The security in the building is a key factor to trust and thus this too will be inspected for quality of response and reputation. The ease of maintenance will be important to the building is able to be taken care of constantly without much hassle. The standard compliance with the laws for commercial offices will also be judged so the normal things are supplied such as water and heating.

Leaving a commercial office is easy but making sure you can make a profit from selling it takes skill. A great surveyor will help your cause by giving you correct advice on the quality of your property and how much you could ask for it.

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