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Welcome to From Corporate To Career Freedom – an online community for new entrepreneurs. There’s plenty of information on this site that can inspire you, give you insights into how you market your business, and much more. So here’s a breakdown of what you can find:

All About Starting Up

This is the most common excuse for why people don’t start their own business

The web industry might not thank me, but I’m going to spill the beans on website pricing…

Think you need an original idea for your startup? This is why you are wrong

How to avoid the sort of website launch that will have you reaching for the wine and chocolate

The most important action you can take today if you want to succeed as a solo entrepreneur

All About Marketing

This ancient invention can be your secret weapon for great SEO

Here’s an easy competitive advantage that most startups miss

Why keeping your startup a secret from your friends is actually a really smart marketing ploy

Trying to increase your audience size? This is why your strategy might be wrong

Social media not working for your business? This is probably why

Why visitors will forget about your website

Why beauty isn’t everything in advertising

Why you shouldn’t ask me to like your Facebook page

Be Inspired

Are you doubting your ability to start your own business? Ok, well this post is going to challenge you to think again

An introduction to life as an entrepreneur

Inspiring women series – Lisa

Inspiring women series – Ellie

How to juggle a business and a baby (not literally)

Motherhood: the unlikely competitive advantage in business

Think men have an advantage in starting a business? Think again

Have we finally discovered the answer to the question: can women have it all?

Is it possible to start a business whilst on maternity leave?

Helpful resources

My list of 20 (free) tools and resources I used to launch my online business (free download)

How to rapidly grow your new online business in 2015 (free download)

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