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How Much Should You Spend On Your Side Hustle?

In times of economic hardship… or in times of career frustration and stagnation we’ve become accustomed to turn to a relatively new solution, but one that thousands around the world swear by… The humble side hustle. In the digital age, where the gig economy presents us with a wealth of potential opportunities, it seems as though we have access to more money-making opportunities than ever before, from starting an ecommerce business to monetizing your social media.


How To Create, Grow And Monetize A Brand New Instagram Account

new instagram account

This is a guest post from Toofame – and a huge thank you to them for passing this on to me. It’s a super-helpful step by step guide to growing an Instagram following, and if that’s something you are currently struggling with you are going to find this guide extremely useful. Enjoy!

In this guide, we’ll show you, step by step, how you can make money on Instagram by creating, growing and finally monetizing your Instagram accounts.

In fact, you’ll get to see the process we used for growing more than 1437 Instagram accounts for Toofame.

So, if you want to learn how to build your Instagram accounts properly, avoid being banned and earn money out of it, you’ll love this guide.


How Start A Profitable Blog: Simple Steps To Take Today

profitable blog

You’ve probably heard about the bloggers that have made a career out of their blog. Some claim to be earning twice the amount than they would at their regular nine to five job. You’ve also probably wondered how they have achieved such success. And how you can actually make money from starting your own blog. The short answer is yes, it’s more than possible to quit your nine to five and start a profitable job, and here’s how.


Turning Your Hobby Into A Money Maker

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More people are looking at alternative ways to make a difference to their lives. One of the things they tend to focus on is their career. In particular, and how they spend their working time. Some find the office environment stifling. Some feel that certain careers keep them away from their family. Many go in search of a better work and life balance. One of the ways people are changing their lives is by looking at their hobbies and skills. Those talents can often turn into a fully-fledged money maker of a business. If you want to take your hobby seriously, here are ways you can take that next step.