Welcome! Figuring Out Your New Online Business Starts Right Here

Do you get that Sunday night feeling? You know the one. The one where you realise all the fun of your weekend is nearly over, its almost time to wake up again to your Monday morning alarm clock, and then its back to the 9-5 and the daily commute.

I had that feeling, and so I decided that enough was enough. Life is for living and I quit my job to follow my dreams of running my own social media business, over at LaurenLambie.com.

The blog From Corporate To Career Freedom has been kind of like a diary for me as I’ve progressed through entrepreneurship. Discovering what works well to grow my business, what doesn’t, what I need to focus on, and the noise I can ignore.

Take a browse around the blog – I’ve kept this going to help other entrepreneurs find the guidance they need as they are growing their own startup.

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