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Clutching At Straws? The Last-Ditch Attempts To Promote Your Business

It can feel like the equivalent of banging your head against a brick wall, when you are trying everything at your disposal to make your business reach a new market, or you are attempting to push your promotions as far as they can possibly go, but nothing is working, promoting your business can feel incredibly frustrating. And so, it is at this point, we feel ready to give up, but is there anything we can do at a last ditch attempt to get our promotion campaigns match fit and get those all-important customers?


How To Copy The Experts And Grow Your Email List Twice As Fast (List Building Series Part 3 Of 5)

grow your email list

You have a website, you have an opt-in on that website, and you’re having success in trying to grow your email list. So why on earth would you need a separate landing page if you have all these three in place? Well, that’s what the experts do to supercharge their list growth and that’s what I’m going to be covering in this post. I’m going to explain to you the importance of a landing page in building your email list, and how to set up one that is going to convert really well. You’ll also find this extra useful if you haven’t yet got a website.


(Guest Post) Effectively Closing Sales Leads

closing sales leads

The sales pipeline is one the most critical components to your business. However, many businesses often neglect it altogether. As companies continue to ride the digital wave, focusing on emerging techniques, it may be easy to fall behind in traditional processes like closing sales. Even if a business owner has a salesforce, they must be responsible for effectively training them and still perform business negotiations at a high level. In this article I will aim to help you better understand the process of effectively closing sales leads in your sales pipeline, and help improve your bottom-line.


If You’re Getting Visitors But No Website Sales, Here’s Why

no sales

A new business and no website sales. Or, as I call it, the website launch trap. It’s a problem many entrepreneurs fall into: they spend time and money building their perfect website, fine-tuning their product offering, getting traffic, and then…..wait a minute.

Where are my customers?

It can be so frustrating to an entrepreneur who has put their heart and soul into creating something from scratch. You know you have a fantastic product. You really believe in what they are doing. But people just aren’t buying it. And the longer this goes on, the more you start to doubt yourself:

Am I in the wrong business?

Is my product just a failure?

Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?