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5 Tips For Becoming a Freelance Gardener

There are a few things that have been shown by researchers to have a positive influence on our happiness levels. One of them is having pride in our work, another is freedom. One that’s less commonly discussed but which is important is being outdoors; just fifteen minutes of being in nature is enough to boost our mood. So what if there was a job that combined all of these things? Well, there is, as it turns out. It’s called being a freelance gardener. Below, we take a look at five tips for becoming one.


Starting A Business From Your Bed

If you want to get away from the world of corporate business this year to spread your wings elsewhere, we don’t blame you. The business world is a complex and stressful place, and between your deadlines, employee drama and the pension scheme: working in an office can get old real fast.


Freelancers: Don’t Let The Summer Slump Drain Your Productivity!


Dang, it’s hot outside! The summer sun has a magical property. It has a way of making us a little brighter, a little cheerier and a little more optimistic. It can turn even the most quotidian of things like a stroll in the park into a kaleidoscope of colors, scents and sounds and a treat for all the senses. It’s a time for picnics, garden parties, barbecues and consuming two thirds of your body weight in ice cream. But as welcome as the summer sun may be, it’s also the source of lethargy and distraction in the workplace. In fact, the “summer slump” is a well documented drain on workplace productivity and many corporations take big steps to mitigate its effects on their workforce.