Freelancers: Don’t Let The Summer Slump Drain Your Productivity!

Dang, it’s hot outside! The summer sun has a magical property. It has a way of making us a little brighter, a little cheerier and a little more optimistic. It can turn even the most quotidian of things like a stroll in the park into a kaleidoscope of colors, scents and sounds and a treat for all the senses. It’s a time for picnics, garden parties, barbecues and consuming two thirds of your body weight in ice cream. But as welcome as the summer sun may be, it’s also the source of lethargy and distraction in the workplace. In fact, the “summer slump” is a well documented drain on workplace productivity and many corporations take big steps to mitigate its effects on their workforce.

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Here's some tips to keep you motivated if you are working for yourself this summer as a freelancer or online entrepreneur. Be inspired, and make sure you keep moving forward with your business and with your customers #freelancing #blogging #entrepreneurs

When you work for the man, productivity’s really no biggy. Even if you’re on performance related pay, you know the shortcuts well enough to afford yourself a little downtime on the company dime. When you’ve shirked off the rat race and made the decision to take your skills to the freelance market, however, you know that productivity is the key to survival. Productivity ensures that deadlines are met, work is proofread, quality control is carefully managed and your reputation remains intact. The summer slump is an inconvenience for corporations but for freelancers it can be anathema. Here are some ways in which you can mitigate the effects of the summer slump and ensure that you retain the peak productivity that you need to grow your career.

Make sure that your tools are fit for purpose

A big part of productivity is ensuring that you have the tools to ensure that you’re working as efficiently as possible. You may feel that you have everything you need to manage your work schedule and keep yourself on task, but a dedicated IT support provider like can benefit even the smallest of operations. They can not only tweak your setup to ensure peak productivity, they will regularly audit your IT infrastructure to make sure that it’s adapted to suit your changing needs.

Take rest breaks

Try as you might, you can’t force productivity. Often staring at a blank screen; typing and deleting sentence after sentence is one of the least productive things we can do, even when it feels like we’re working. Often the best way to achieve productivity is to take a step away from your desk and out the door. Going for a walk (or better yet, starting your day with a walk) is a great way to prime your brain for productivity. Not only does it give your cognitive faculties a rest, the act of walking helps to get more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, ensuring that it works better.

Let nature in

It’s proven that proximity to nature can aid our productivity by reducing stress, aiding concentration and facilitating cognitive function. But if you’re a freelancing urbanite who would have to go quite a way before they see so much as a tree, it’s time to let nature into your home office. Sharing your desk with a few potted plants can oxygenate the room and stimulate the mind while also reducing productivity destroying stress.

Don’t let that sticky and stifling heat inhibit your productivity this summer!

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  1. Karen Ching
    August 2, 2018 at 4:54 am (5 years ago)

    I totally agree! Especially in taking breaks. Sometimes what I really do is take a break from the computer and just search for memes online just to lift up my spirit for a short while. It would really be more dragging if we force ourselves to finish a task forcefully. Anyways, another great read. Cheers!


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