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Social Networks Can Make Or Break Any Business

Can you name one business that isn’t on social media?

Indeed, social networks can give brands a voice to reach out to their market and show off their personality; it also encourages customers to interact with their favorite businesses. The Internet never forgets what happens in the online world. Small companies can become an overnight success if they understand how to play the social media game. And big businesses can suddenly hit a wall of criticism for failing to maintain a healthy social media presence. In a world where a tweet can make or break your brand, it’s vital to understand how to navigate those troubled waters.


The Guide To Continuous Business Growth And Development

Growth is essential in the business world. Industries grow over time as the result of consumer needs changing. Sometimes, consumer needs change as the result of a changing industry (e.g. nobody knew they wanted a smartphone until the iPhone hit the market). The point is that you can’t stop the tide of change. If you want to ensure that your company remains relevant in an ever-changing industrial world, you need to keep pushing your business empire forwards. Evolution is a necessity, so don’t get left behind. This is the guide to continuous business growth and development.


What Should You Outsource As A Small Business?

Does it seem like you spending too much time managing data input? Or stuck on cold leads instead of preparing for the expected expansion of your growing business? Roughly 15% of business owners and staff in management believe that they’re using their skills in the business to their fullest.


Running Your Online Business Efficiently

When you commit yourself to building an online business, the time you have to spend and the effort you have to exert can sometimes be a little overwhelming. If you constantly find yourself having to take tasks home with you, or perhaps you’re just simply fed up of battling through a 7 day working week, you may want to consider evaluating and assessing your current business model to identify whether there are any processes you could complete in a more efficient way.


Services You Probably Didn’t Know Your Business Needed

When it comes to running a business, there are some services that are seen as essential. The issue here is that there are some that are left off this list when they are just as important as the ones everyone knows about. For this reason, we have written this article to give you a good idea about some of the services that you probably didn’t know your business needed. This way, you can implement them in your business model as soon as possible, and save yourself a lot of trouble down the line. If you are interested in learning more about these services, keep reading down below.


Refine Your Business Meeting Space

Most offices will have within them a space to meet. This is where your staff might congregate to discuss a client brief. It’s where you might lure investors to speak to them about the possibilities of your firm. It might be where HR meetings take place, prior to an important disciplinary. You might interview staff in here. You might present findings here. In some offices, multiple meeting rooms like this are utilized.


Marketing Reaches New Heights

You’ve bitten the bullet and are about to embark on what might be your first trade show. If you’re having second thoughts, don’t. These shows, or exhibitions, are a fantastic vehicle for showcasing your business and speaking directly to your customers in person. Sure, there is a lot of hard work involved, not to mention some financial investment needed.  Despite that, it’s well worth getting involved in the right show.


Corporate Hospitality: The Secret Weapon In Startup Marketing

It’s easy to dismiss corporate hospitality if you’re a startup. After all, it’s been around for a while, and if you Google “startup marketing” you’re far more likely to come up with cutting edge online marketing techniques to set you apart from the competition. But for that same reason, don’t overlook corporate hospitality. It’s likely your immediate competitors are ignoring it and you could have the edge.

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New Vs Existing Customers

We see so much about how to acquire a new customer to your business. It’s natural for startups to want that growth. But did you know that it costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one (source:  What’s more, existing customers will spend more money with you, and are 50% more likely to try new products.

Existing customers are also the ones you’re going to relying on as a business to provide recommendations, testimonials and case studies. So don’t underestimate the value you should place on them, or what lengths you should go to when it comes to keeping these customers happy.

Corporate Hospitality – Building A Stronger Relationship With Your Client

And that’s where corporate hospitality becomes so important for a new startup. It’s all about building strong bonds, and to do that, you have to get outside the office environment and into a more relaxed, natural setting.

Imagine pitching your next big project. You’re in a meeting room, presentation at the ready. Before you even stand up to begin your introduction, your client sits there opposite, arms folded. Now imagine stepping outside, into another enviornment. Silverstone, maybe, for the Formula 1. Or Wimbledon. Now you aren’t pitching. Now it’s small talk. You’re chatting. You’re sharing ideas. Visions. You’re no longer selling. You’re simply bonding with your customer.

Simple Steps To Picking The Perfect Hospitality Event

The biggest problem for a lot of busy startups is finding the time to pick the perfect hospitality event. So if you are considering hospitality, go with a specialist corporate hospitality company such as Sheeredge who have the experience and background in finding the perfect event and venue for you and your customer. They have access to venues, catering and sports events that you might not have thought about, or VIP tickets that might be hard to come by if you’re new to that type of event (particular sport and music).

Entice your customer with exclusive, VIP events that are difficult to say no to

When it comes to agreeing on an event, think about what your customer might like, and what will reflect well on your business and your brand. Are you a young, fun, vibrant company? Or are you in a more conservative, traditional industry? Those factors are important when picking the venue, dining options and event type. Similarly, think about location. If you’re in a city with a famous venue, and your client is from elsewhere, then that can be a great way to impress a client.

It doesn’t have to be the obvious VIP tickets to a big sports game. Sheeredge also do interesting alternatives like team building activities.

Once At The Event, Don’t Be Salesy

Finally, take the time to enjoy it! Remember, this isn’t about hard selling and pitching. This is about forming a strong, long-lasting bond with your customer. It’s all about that hugely valuable relationship.

If you do have a new product or service, don’t sell it, but simply talk about your future vision and your ideas for your company. Show your passion for it, and the business will sell itself.

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