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Virtual Business: How to Manage it Efficiently

Choosing to be an online business can definitely have a lot of advantages. You won’t have to invest in a costly office space, after all, and all of the management fees that come with it.

It’s going to be easy to recruit skilled employees as well since they can work from anywhere in the world, first of all, and you can easily get it organised as long as you have your systems in order.


Is It Time To Expand Your Home Business? The Options You Have

Starting a business from nothing and making it a success is truly a remarkable achievement and can give you a feeling of accomplishment like no other. When you first start up at home, you tend to take on all things yourself. You keep the costs low from working out of your home, you tackle all aspects of the business and you work hard. But often after a while, this business can outgrow just you, and the option of expanding becomes a real possibility. If you are at this stage, then these are the options you have.


Better Safe Than Sorry: 3 Types Of Business Insurances

From the first day of your small business being open, you will run into many difficulties. Many of these challenges can be overcome with hard work and determination. You are green in a sense and knowledge to the finer details is not yet known. This is why you should plan on being safe than sorry for if and when you encounter a serious legal challenge. It’s not easier than ever to sue a business for even something that would have been considered minor and unwinnable in court just a couple of decades ago. Thankfully, there are several options that entrepreneurs and small business owners have at their disposal.


Health and Safety – Are You Taking It Seriously Enough?

Health and safety. It’s one of those areas that your business just has to engage with. At the end of the day, as soon as your business comes into contact with anyone, or the moment anyone engages with your business, you become partially or wholly responsible for that individual’s health and safety. Why? Well, as a small business owner, you need to ensure that the space they are engaging with your business within is safe and, if you employ the person, you need to ensure that they are sufficiently trained to carry out the tasks expected of them safely.


See Your Conversion Rate Soar

The percentage rate of conversions on websites does vary from industry to industry, with fitness having the most at 15%. But it’s not just your niche that can affect your conversion rates and most businesses can improve. Here are just some of the things you can do yourself, right now, to make your conversion rate higher.


12 Ways To Market A New Product

As a business owner, launching a new product is one of the most exciting AND stressful things you can do. Whilst your whole business model is based on launching products and services, no matter how many times you do it can still be a daunting experience.


9 Things You Should Know Before You Start A Home Business

The idea of starting a home business might be both terrifying and exciting to you. Maybe this is something you’ve wanted to do for a while – more and more people are choosing to start their very own businesses so that they can earn more money and have more free time than in a regular 9-5 job. However, it’s important to note that this may not be the case, especially at the start. Starting a home business isn’t something that you should take lightly.


How To Prepare Yourself for Starting a Business

Entrepreneurs aren’t born; they’re made. If you have the drive to make your dreams come true, then there are steps you can take to make them so. But of course, you do need to take them, even if you generally think that you’re made for the business world. You’ll find everything much easier if you’re fully prepared for all that running a business will throw at you before you begin the journey. Below, we take a look at a number of essential steps. Take a read, incorporate them into your life, and you’ll be able to get your new venture off on the right foot.


Are You OK with OKRs?

Objectives and key results – you’ve probably heard of these before but are you writing them effectively? Are they just the same as KPIs?

First of all, while KPIs measure success, output, quantity, or quality of an ongoing process or activity that is already in place an OKR is for looking at a bigger goal, something new and often unknown. It is a way of helping you to achieve an ultimate goal. The two work together really well to improve current KPIs.


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