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Creating Product Descriptions That Sell

When you begin to get your business off the ground and you start thinking about creating a website for your products, one of the tasks you need to do is create product descriptions to sell you items. If you have never made a product description before it can be hard to know where to start and how to word things, but don’t fret, because today we will give you a run down on our top tips for product descriptions that sell!


Refreshing Marketing With Smart Ideas

Marketing can be a difficult job to keep up for a long stretch of time. When you first enter the marketing scene there will be so many great ideas swirling in your mind and it can be truly amazing to be able to see your ideas coming to life on paper or online. However,the more of your great ideas that you use up, the less great ideas you have going forward, and this can lead to you feeling inadequate and unfit to make creative decisions. However, there are a few ways to inject some life into your marketing strategy this year which will allow you to really shine once more.


Clutching At Straws? The Last-Ditch Attempts To Promote Your Business

It can feel like the equivalent of banging your head against a brick wall, when you are trying everything at your disposal to make your business reach a new market, or you are attempting to push your promotions as far as they can possibly go, but nothing is working, promoting your business can feel incredibly frustrating. And so, it is at this point, we feel ready to give up, but is there anything we can do at a last ditch attempt to get our promotion campaigns match fit and get those all-important customers?


Four Big Business Branding Strategies For All

branding strategies

Small businesses look to big companies and see one thing: success. On the whole, they have everything SMEs want, from the money and the fame to the power. Their brand is global whereas yours is starting off and struggling. Do you seek guidance, though? No, because it’s tempting to see huge corporations as out of reach. There is nothing to learn when you are playing in different divisions. An Apple strategy isn’t going to work for a local corner shop.


How I Grew My Email List At Just $0.50 Per Lead Using Facebook Ads

Detailed Facebook ads case study: step by step guide broken down to explain exactly what I did to grow my subscriber list, at less than $0.50 per lead

I want to begin this post by revealing a shocking statistic I uncovered in my own marketing efforts these past few weeks, because the whole point of this post is to convince you of the benefit of Facebook ads, and these statistics strengthen my point far better than my meagre writing could.

The Facebook Ads Statistic

I compared, like-for-like, a Facebook ad campaign with a mobile ad campaign. The mobile ad campaign was 14 times more expensive than the Facebook campaign.


Why Beauty Isn’t Everything In Advertising


If you are thinking about doing paid advertising, you are probably considering how to design your ad. So let me ask you a question: are you designing it to look beautiful? Or are you designing it to work for you?

I love fashion and lifestyle magazines. Whenever I travel, I’ll buy two or three at the station or airport to keep me occupied for the journey. And if you flip through any of these magazines you’ll see some stunning ads full of beautiful models, gorgeous locations and elegant typeface.

So it is tempting to create ads that showcase beautiful design, your stunning logo, and inspiring images. But before you do so, read this article. I will explain why beauty isn’t everything when it comes to advertising online.