Everything Small Businesses Need to Know About Online Advertising

Advertising has changed a lot over the last decade. Some would say that it’s come on leaps and bounds thanks to vast improvements in day to day technology, the increased availability of devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and the consequent rise in E-commerce.

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Sure, tangible advertising (like leaflets, billboards, posters, etc) is still a thriving area and something that any brand should consider investing in. But online advertising really is an area that you should place a lot of emphasis and focus on. After all, the majority of people are spending increasing amounts of time behind screens, focusing on their phones, tablets, laptops and computers rather than the physical world around them. By advertising online, you strike where many people are placing their attention, which – at the end of the day – is the ultimate aim of advertising! So, where should you get started when it comes to online advertising? Here are a few pieces of advice that can get you started in the right direction!

Know Your Terminology

There’s so much jargon that gets thrown around the world of advertising that it can be easy to feel lost pretty quickly. The key to success is to ensure that you know what every single ad reference or ad-related word means. This can help to reduce the number of mistakes and the amount of wasted time you could experience down the line. Make sure you know the difference between social media influencers and social media agencies. Ensure you can differentiate Adsense vs Ad Manager. These small differences can make all the difference, as you need to know exactly what areas you’re investing in and what will work best for your company before making any steps forward.

Do Your Market Research

The web is a big place. You need to know what parts of it your target audience are using. You can achieve this by investing in market research. Find out what sites your chosen demographic frequent. See which influencers they follow. Figure out their favourite social media platforms. All of this information will help you to place your ads in the right spots to attract the right attention. Market research can often feel drawn out, but it’s more than worth the investment of both time and money.


Online advertising can quickly become pretty costly. So make sure to set out a budget before you begin. This will help you to best allocate your investments and your resources and will prevent you putting too much into one area, only to fall short in another.

Sure, online advertising may feel daunting when you first start out. But it’s important that you do engage with it. Hopefully, the above advice will help to prepare you! The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to make a success of your campaigns!

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