Creating Product Descriptions That Sell

When you begin to get your business off the ground and you start thinking about creating a website for your products, one of the tasks you need to do is create product descriptions to sell you items. If you have never made a product description before it can be hard to know where to start and how to word things, but don’t fret, because today we will give you a run down on our top tips for product descriptions that sell!

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Use your target buyer

The first thing which you need to keep in mind when you are trying to create a great product description is to aim your words at the person you want to sell to. There are different ways to express yourself and give across your thoughts, and depending on your target audience it will be either very casual or very formal. For example if you are offering business and office supplies it will likely be businesses who are buying from you, and you need to keep things formal as a result. If you are selling quirky gifts to young people you can have a laugh and add jokes into the fray. Make sure you always pay attention to your audience.

Entice with benefits

When you are advertising a product to the masses and trying to convince people to buy your product instead of someone else’s, you need to think about making sure to state the benefits of buying your product. What problem does your product solve? Why is it better than the feast? What’s makes it unique? Finding that one thing which puts your product above all the others is crucial.

Use keywords

Keywords are everywhere, and during your creation of social media content and website content you have likely been adding keywords into every single sentence to get people to visit your website. One of the things you can do to sell a product to is include long tail keywords in your product descriptions. This can make a huge impact on the people who come to buy your products because you will be able to reach far more people than you would otherwise.

Justify praises

If you are going to preach to the world that your product is better than all of the other ones on the market, you need to make sure you can back up your claims with some real proof. You can simply say ‘wow, you have to buy this because it’s the best in the world’ even though it is tempting to do so. Be smart with your advertising and make sure that you use evidence or examples of your product in action and prove how great it is.

Set a scene

People love to have their imagination spoken to, and you can really make a good impression with your product by setting the scene for the use of it and making people see how it can fit into their lives. Let’s say you are selling a barbecue, you can set a scene by talking about hosting a party and cooking up some garlic steaks, chicken skewers and cheese burgers in the summer sun. By being able to picture a product, people are more likely to want to buy it and use it.

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