The 3 Simple Features Of An Effective Business Website

If you’re a business in the modern day, you will have a website. No exceptions. If you have survived this long without one, or you feel no need to create one, it’s likely your firm is so self-sustaining in its local community that you are exempt from an article like this. For the rest of us, having a fantastic website to showcase your business is a must. But having a website and owning a good website are two very different things.

Most people can do the very basics of launching a website with simple domain registration and adding text through WordPress. But after that, what do you really need to be doing to create the wow factor that’s really going to show your business to its full potential?

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There are three simple features that any effective business need to including on their website. These should be a baseline for your design efforts. Using cheap web design from established companies can help you save time, and show you the benefits of using the following approach:

Social Media

Social media is critical to any business. One of the first things a potential customer will do is look out for your social media accounts and try and connect with you on there.

It’s vital to get your social media accounts listed on your website so its easy for people to discover you. Your long term, valued customers will have the opportunity to share your products, promotions and discounts with their own friends, and bring your business to a much bigger online audience.

Rich Content

Your website should be a hub for your business. Don’t just list your services and contact details. Use it to showcase everything your business has to offer. Once of the best ways to do that is by providing rich, engaging content via a blog. It’ll also allow your readers the opportunity to share your content far and wide. Use your blog to demonstrate to your audience things like:

  • Your amazing team that work with you and with customers
  • Behind the scenes look into how you make your products
  • Industry trends and industry news
  • Case studies from established clients
  • Ideas and plans for the future

Customer Area

If you are dealing with customers on a daily basis, let them have access to an online customer login area, to help them access critical information related to their purchases. Allowing user accounts can help customers save delivery and payment information, lessening the steps they need to take to make a purchase. Support history can be shown and displayed appropriately, and recommendations can be given to them based on prior purchasing history.

Finally, make sure your website contains high quality images and videos of your product. Make the end result look beautiful and professional. With those simple features, your business website should help you grow your business over the next 12 months and beyond.

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