4 Types of Industries That Need Screen Printing

Whether or not you realize it, chances are you own at least one screen printed item. From articles of clothing to signs and displays, the screen printing possibilities are endless. Recently, many industries have been hopping on the screen printing trend, proving that tons of different products can benefit from business software for screen printers. To further prove how beneficial this technology can be, here are four industries that need screen printing.


The clothing industry is perhaps one of the industries that benefit the most from screen-printing technology. Everything from t-shirts to jackets to hats can be screen printed, as well as accessories like backpacks, socks, and ties. Screen printing is often used to create “merch” for bands, sports teams, and companies, as it is an easy way to put their logos or images on an article of clothing to then sell. If you open your closet, chances are you will see at least one piece of screen printed clothing that you own!


Flags are another popular type of item that can be screen printed to display something, whether it be a sports team logo or even an American flag! Flags can also be screen printed to advertise for a certain brand or store. Retailers can use screen printed flags to advertise any upcoming sales or promotions they are having, as it is a great way to get the word out in an eye-catching way. A short drive to your local grocery store or gas station may reveal some screen printed flags you may have not noticed before!

Sports Equipment

You have probably seen a lot of screen printing on sports equipment such as snowboards and skateboards. Screen printing on sports equipment is a popular way to show some personality on an otherwise blank surface, and many sports equipment companies have even had their logos screen printed onto their products! You can also have a piece of sports equipment customized using screen printing, which can be a great way to express yourself to the world!


If you have ever thrown a party or hosted an event, you have probably encountered screen printed balloons at some point. Balloons can be screen printed to say a variety of messages, such as “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well Soon.” Other screen printed balloons may include messages about baby announcements, graduations, and engagements and weddings. Screen printed balloons can be used as a cute and inexpensive way to get your message across, which is what makes this type of screen printing so popular!

As you can see, screen printing technology is an extremely popular form of advertising and design, and you can only expect to see more screen printed items in the future! What are some of your favorite screen printed items that you own?

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