4 Ways to Make Your Company More Welcoming

Employee retention is a big challenge for many business owners. You not only want to find and recruit the best talent out there, but you want to ensure they stay loyal and committed to your organisation without jumping ship for another role that pays better. One of the best ways you can ensure this is to make your company as welcoming as possible.

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Most people spend around a third of their adult life at work, so it should be a place that they enjoy going to. There’s nothing worse than that sense of dread that creeps up on a Sunday night when you start thinking about going into the office the next day. There’s no reason why work can’t be a positive environment where people can feel welcome, valued, and respected.

So how can you make your company more welcoming to new and existing employees? Following these tips will enable you to make your business more attractive to new hires and to cultivate a first-class team of talented individuals.

Be inclusive

There are so many businesses whose senior staff is entirely populated by middle-aged white men. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with this demographic, there is a lack of diversity in many industries that is a remnant of historic prejudice and discrimination. In order to break away from this, you need to not only be inclusive, but to show that you are inclusive. This means hiring people of all ethnicities, religions, sexual preferences, genders, and ages. It also means making your office accessible for people with disabilities and other special needs.

Promote work-life balance

The best bosses are those that understand that work isn’t everything./ No matter how much your staff may enjoy their jobs, their lives are much more than their careers. They have families, friends, hobbies, and personal problems to deal with. Work is just a small part of the bigger picture. And that’s why it’s important you enable them to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. This might take the form of flexible working so they can attend to childcare, health appointments and other errands at their leisure. It might mean unlimited holiday allowance or mental health days. Anything that lets them know they are valued as people and not just as resources.

Cultivate a team

Your workplace should not just be a collection of disparate individuals getting their work done in isolation. They should be a team who get on well and collaborate productively. You can encourage socialising in the form of work night’s out, company lunches and communal breakout areas. Adapt the layout of your office to facilitate interaction and communication. This might mean things like ping pong tables, comfortable seating areas, and commercial outdoor furniture by Connect.


No boss is completely omniscient. You can’t know the unique challenges or motivations of your staff unless they tell you. But you can present yourself as an open-minded manager, willing to help your employees get the most out of their working life. Always be there to listen to your staff and find new ways to make their working lives easier and more enjoyable.

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