(Guest Post) 7 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Messy tables, non-stop ringing phones, sporadic schedules, team management troubles, email beeps, and what not; an entrepreneur often has stacks work of finish.  It can be quite difficult to manage all your tasks once your business is kicking in and has finally started making profits. You don’t want to mess it up at this point of the cycle since this is a crucial stage in the business. Depending on your survival extinct, your business will pave its way into the market and make a mark with the grit you develop at this stage. One way you can do that is by making smart choices about the sort of tools every entrepreneur should have at their disposal.

The Top 7 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

An entrepreneur needs to be alert and responsible more than ever when his product or service is maturing. Juggling so many different responsibilities can be overwhelming and an entrepreneur could do with a “helping hand”. In the age of technology and abundant tools, the “helping hand” can be something you might simply download for fee — and at times—for free.

Here are 7 tools every entrepreneur should be using to grow their online business, entrepreneurs, tools, recommendations, tips


This is a solution to your email management problems. This clever app will transform your Gmail account into a CRM. Streak will enable you to “run your entire business from your inbox” by letting you collaborate with contacts, managing your deals, change your business process and much more. This is a cloud-based app that will update information and allow you to access your CRM from any device.


An entrepreneur simply can’t do without this ultra useful application. Evernote is by-far one of the most popular note-taking tool. Jot down your notes, clip web articles, snap pictures, connect with your contacts, and present your work using the one-touch-away option that transforms your notes into a presentation. The best thing about EverNote is that is can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere.


Not all entrepreneurs are ready-made accountants. They might get the hang of it, but at the same time, dislike the daunting book-keeping tasks. Why not use a professional invoicing tool that does the job for you?Freshbooks intends to “make your accounting tasks fast, easy, and secure”. This will not only free you of paperwork, but it will also enable you to work faster and get paid faster because of the convenience!


Need someone to operate your social media account? Ask Buffer to the job for you! With Buffer, you can save yourself a lot of time by scheduling posts on your social media networks. Buffer will also provide you with analytics and shorten links.


At times, human assistance is the only way move forward with your goals. But how and where to you find it? Why not try out contract-based employment at Fiverr? Your graphic designing, web designing, personal assistance, and writing needs can all be covered with the help of Fiverr freelancers. Before you decide on hiring a freelancer, you might want to check the portfolio, reviews, and contractual terms of agreement.


If there is any fabulous app that does the job of managing your app information, Zapier is the one to use. The time it takes to transfer data from one app to another can be considerably shortened with Zapier. By integrating all of your apps, this powerful tool will allow you share and transfer as if everything is in just one place.

Mail Chimp

Your e-marketing needs can be solved with this one-tap-away solution. MailChimp is a powerful tool used to drive online sales and traffic. How? By letting you create customizable subscribe forms, eye-catchy newsletters, keeping your contacts in one place, and allowing you to automate your emails as per your preferences. MailChimp will let you select the best time to send emails and select a pre-built WorkFlow that best suits your needs. You can also view in-depth reports based on your automation and performance.

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Kristy Megan is a social media geek who has a deep concentration in analyzing most recent fads and trends. She works for a coursework help providing service, Coursework Buzz, where she looks after the company’s social online existence.

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