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13 Smart Ways To Reduce Client Turnover and Keep Them Loyal

Owning a yoga business can be an extremely expensive venture if you don’t do it right. There are all kinds of things that can drain your money over time, one of them being client turnover. Client turnover is a natural occurrence sometimes, perhaps due to moving, financial commitments, or something else – however, if it happens too often then it can cost your business a lot of money. It could also indicate that you could be doing something wrong to make your clients want to leave and practice yoga elsewhere. In this day and age when there are so many competing yoga businesses and similar classes vying for your audience’s attention, you need to do everything you can to keep them coming back to you.


The Most Successful Content Strategy For Bloggers In 2020

It’s impossible to ignore the importance of content strategy in 2020 if you are looking to grow your blog. A great content strategy that works to bring you an audience can have a massive impact on your business and can mean the difference between running a tiny blog as a hobby and being the owner of a successful high traffic blog that brings you monthly revenue, customers and a solid profit.


4 Types of Industries That Need Screen Printing

Whether or not you realize it, chances are you own at least one screen printed item. From articles of clothing to signs and displays, the screen printing possibilities are endless. Recently, many industries have been hopping on the screen printing trend, proving that tons of different products can benefit from business software for screen printers. To further prove how beneficial this technology can be, here are four industries that need screen printing.


5 Top Tips On Recruiting The Perfect Startup Team

A successful startup isn’t just about the perfect product and fantastic marketing. And it’s not all about money. In fact, one of the most critical aspects to a startup succeeding come down to the quality of the team. If you’re at the point in your journey where you are looking to recruit your first perfect startup team, here are 5 essential tips on how to get the best people for your business.


No Place For The Timid: Bold Self-Promotion Strategies For Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs remember that “eureka” moment that placed them on a path to start their own business. Whether they formulated an idea for a new product or improved upon an existing one or whether they simply spotted a gap in the market that had yet to be filled by competing businesses, there’s nothing like the surge of joy and self-belief that comes with knowing that you have the beginning of a viable business idea. As you slowly formulate your business plan and work out your prospective cash flow analyses your excitement mounts and on the day you first open your doors you’re positively brimming with infectious enthusiasm…


How To Create A Website That Truly Reflects Your Brand

There’s nothing worse than going to the DIY store, spending hours picking out the paint color, decorating your room, and then deciding you hate it. You’re reminded of your bad decision every time you go in that room. Why did I choose yellow? What was I thinking? When you create your website, it comes with the same headaches. Get it wrong, and you’ll loathe it every time you enter the URL. But get it right, and you’ll have a brand you can feel proud of. One you can show off to your peers, customers and one that truly reflects the person and business you want to be.


Four Big Business Branding Strategies For All

branding strategies

Small businesses look to big companies and see one thing: success. On the whole, they have everything SMEs want, from the money and the fame to the power. Their brand is global whereas yours is starting off and struggling. Do you seek guidance, though? No, because it’s tempting to see huge corporations as out of reach. There is nothing to learn when you are playing in different divisions. An Apple strategy isn’t going to work for a local corner shop.


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