Ways You Can Increase Business Productivity

The more productive a business is, the better the revenue stream. It is a very simple formula that many businesses should be taking more to heart. The fact is productivity can be difficult for small businesses to measure, with as many as 30% of small businesses unable to measure how productive their business is. This means there is probably a lot of room for improvement but measuring productivity takes time and effort. However, in simple terms, there are many ways you can improve productivity, and all it takes are a few changes here and there. Below are a few ideas to get you thinking.

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Task Time Tracker

In order to make your business more efficient, you should analyze the time your teams take to do each task. By using certain analytic metrics, you can without which team members are more efficient and which ones are lacking. This could give you an indication of which team members need retraining. You can perhaps better organize team structure this way, by moving staff from one team to another. People usually have different capabilities and are better at one thing than another. You can maximize production by adjusting your personnel this way.

Cut Tasks

Some tasks that are completed on a daily basis are wholly irrelevant in the modern world. The best way to weed these out is to conduct a thorough task audit. If you are unsure of a task, then cut it out. It is pretty obvious which tasks are a requirement and which are not, and once you began this process, it can become rather addictive with pretty obvious and immediate benefits, such as your staff having more time to get on with more meaningful work. A task audit will also help you with the possible consolidation of tasks and also the automation of tasks. Many tasks which are done by hand need not be, it is a waste of time and really hampers productivity. Although the initial automation may be relatively expensive compared with carrying on as you are, this is, in fact, a false figure as over a short period of time, you will see the benefits of such automation monetarily.

Simplicity is Best

Overcomplicated and convoluted tasks and processes are not conducive to productivity. First of all, it can become confusing and can easily go wrong. If something seems overcomplicated, it probably is. Get your head down with some of your top employees and work out new and simpler ways of doing these tasks.

Upgrade Systems and Tools

Many businesses are still running on outdated systems, which are inefficient and hampering productivity. If you want your staff to perform, you need to give them the right tools. Every day, hours upon hours are wasted because of an inefficient system, workers can only work with what they have, so it is up to you to give them the best. Think about things such as a managed service provider which will boost your competitiveness. An initial layout on a new system may set up back, but if you can produce more as a result, you will benefit in so many ways, not least increasing customer satisfaction and therefore growing. The same goes for tools for the job, such as trucks and hammers, etc. the list really is endless. Take a look at all the tools you have and work out which ones are really no longer up to the job in hand and look to upgrade.

Eliminate Unproductive Meetings

Many managers and business execs have endless meetings, but how many of these actually result in a change of any sort of productivity at all? It is best you minimize meetings and properly organize any meetings you have left. If there is no pressing issue on the agenda, is the meeting needed? Us everyone who attends the meeting needed? Don’t just continue with a process that has no real relevance to the business as a whale, just because you have a meeting twice a week.

Motivate Staff

If you want better productivity, you need to know how to motivate your staff. Perhaps, instead of having pointless exec meetings, why not have a meeting for the whole team where you can advise on the future of the company and try and involve them in the company vision. Give them some goal to aim for, something they can believe in. Core values and a well-developed company culture can help with this. Try an involve your staff, give them a voice, and make sure they feel valued. All this helps them remain focused and productive.

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