How to Prevent Your Premises from Falling Apart

If you are a business owner, then there is no doubt that your business premises take up a lot of time and energy. However, it is essential to remember that regular maintenance needs to be taking place to keep your business running smoothly.

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If you neglect the homeliness of your property, it can lead to severe problems down the line and an unhealthy work environment for all those who work with you. This post will discuss how important it is for businesses like yours to stay on top of things and prevent any damages from happening!

Pay Extra Attention to High-Traffic Areas

Pay attention to high-traffic areas like your entrance, hallways and stairwells. Keep the floors dry by removing any liquids with a mop or towel immediately. It would help to repair holes in concrete slabs before they get bigger and create trip hazards for guests and conference attendees accustomed to different types of ground surfaces from their home countries.

Do the same with carpets. Vacuum and clean up spills or stains immediately to reduce the chance of mould growth in high-traffic areas. Move furniture away from walls, too, so people can walk around without bumping into things. If you have a retail store, make sure that customers can easily access products on shelves from aisles without difficulty.

Above all, make sure that the most frequently used areas are always clean and well-lit to reduce the likelihood of accidents or injuries. It’s worth investing in LED lighting if you haven’t already done so because it lasts longer than traditional bulbs while saving energy costs at the same time.

Inspect Your Property for Gaps and Cracks

One of the most common causes for premise neglect is when owners or managers don’t inspect their property and fix any problems they find. Some signs of a problem with your property include gaps and cracks in walls, doors or windows; anything that exposes wiring, pipes or drains outside your building’s perimeter should be fixed immediately.

If you cannot fix a problem yourself, you must contact your building supervisor or maintenance team. You should also inform the management company if there is anything wrong with their property to prevent losing money and clients.

Your employees should also participate in safeguarding work surfaces. For instance, when doing projects, to avoid damaging their working surface, they should use cutting mats. Besides, these mats can help save time and energy when working on craft projects.

Have a Designated Employee Dining Area

One of the first items that should be on your employee’s list is a designated area for dining. This includes having adequate seating, which reduces spillage and bugs from getting in the food served to employees at their desks.

You should also add a sink with hot and cold water to wash dishes off before storing them or putting them into the dishwasher; and provide a refrigerator for food storage. This will reduce the amount of time spent at a sink and minimize contamination. It can also help ensure no food gets wasted by providing cold storage for leftovers, which means less waste gets thrown out.

Encourage Your Employees to Reduce Waste

One of the best ways to keep your resources from going down the drain is by encouraging your employees to reduce waste.  An easy way to do this is by installing water bottle filling stations in common areas, such as break rooms or hallways.  This will make it easier for them to fill their drinks and encourage others to refill as they pass by.

Water bottles are a significant contributor to the waste problem. About 17 billion water bottles get thrown out each year, accounting for 36 billion pounds of garbage added to landfills annually.  By installing filling stations, you can reduce the number of disposable cups and plastic bottles your employees will need to use and throw away.

Keep the Space Dust-Free

No matter how clean your employees are, they can’t eliminate the dust particles that float in every room. You should be aware of this because if you don’t do anything about it, these specks will accumulate and form a layer on top of everything: furniture, equipment, floors.

Pesky dirt and dust will start to attract more and more dirt, which means that your workplace is going to be a spot where the microbes thrive. This way, you’re risking having employees sick with allergies or asthma. The solution to this problem is to get a vacuum cleaner and start using it regularly.

In the end, maintenance should be your primary focus to keep yourself and your equipment in good condition. You may not think about it at first, but you will save money over time by staying ahead of problems instead of reacting to them when they happen. So, start implementing these tips into your daily maintenance routine and see how your business can thrive.

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