Cute Yet Sophisticated Ways Of Bringing Your Retail/Hospitality Team Together

Bringing your team together in a retail or hospitality environment can be easier said than done. There are so many different roles and responsibilities for each team member to fill out in these highly stressful and paced places of business that social connection is often the last thing on your team’s mind. However, if structured in the right way, you can bring your team together to relish each other’s company and give the best of themselves each working day.

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We all know that it’s beneficial to work in a positive team, but as a manager this might be a confusing thing to implement. However, there are some simply methods you can take to ensure this is taken care of, with a degree of sophistication, and a little cuteness at that.

Hopefully our advice helps:


Ensuring the entire team is on the same page could be as simple as making them wear the same clothing to work. In a customer facing role, this is almost essential, especially if hoping to brand yourself effectively. Let’s say that you run a craft beer bar. Using Advance Printwear to design shirts that celebrate your beers on offer, or perhaps notify customers of new events planned in your upcoming beer festival can help your staff look smart, together and unified, while conveying information to the guests in attendance.

All uniforms of course have the added benefit of adhering to hygeine codes, ensuring that your staff always look presentable, and that your staff feel comfortable and coherent in their physical appearance.


Team building activities are useful, but we’ll be shocked if they’re not considered cliche by now. Activities that bring teams together could be a simple employees dinner, or perhaps a party during the festive season. A little fun and informal silliness can really help a team thrive, and of course bring people together in more ways than one. Throwing small events like this, only reserved for your team, could help everyone feel a sense of familial kinship and comfort from day to day. It may also help your team build some real friends for life, which can be a pleasant consequence to help the employee satisfaction rating of your humble business.

Including The Staff

If your business can afford to do so, asking for staff input on the things that matter can really make people valued, and will encourage a sense of valuing dialogue. It might be you ask for opinions on a new display customers see as they walk in. In our craft beer example, you may allow your staff a small taster between two beers suppliers you’re needing to make a final decision on, putting the one that makes the cask offering to a vote. While not all business decisions will be run through committee (nor can be,) a little discussion where it counts can truly make your staff feel at home with one another, and of course your business too.

With these simple efforts, you’re sure to bring your retail or hospitality teams together, forever.

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