How to Improve the Presence of Your Brand When You Run a Fleet

How do you give your fleet brand a presence that stands out in an increasingly crowded market? By putting some special thought into how you present your fleet, you can ensure that your trucks and HGV trailers are bringing your brand the attention it deserves. Keep reading to learn how you can improve the presence of your brand when you run a fleet, from behind-the-scenes videos to visible branding and quality of service.

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Showcase your fleet and driver routine

Fleet maintenance is a priority when it comes to running a tight and reliable transport business. But your fleet consists of two crucial elements:

  • The vehicle
  • The driver

Did you know that one-third of fleet managers in the UK have no knowledge of their duty of care towards their drivers? In fact, less than half of managers believe they have sufficient knowledge when it comes to their drivers. What is even more worrying is that some fleet businesses still fail to have a driver risk policy that is up-to-date. So, it could be a crucial branding campaign to record informative videos about your overall fleet management strategy:

  • How often fleet is serviced and maintained
  • Drivers’ assessment
  • How to reduce risks for your drivers
  • How you train both drivers and fleet logistics operators

Visible branding on vehicles

What is branding for your fleet business? A brand consists of a lot more than a logo and a fancy catchphrase. Your brand is your identity. Therefore, when it comes to branding your fleet, you want to create an image that is easily recognisable and that people will remember. Working with a marketing company can ensure you maintain the same presence and tone across all channels, including your newsletters, website, and other comms.

But when it comes to your fleet, do make sure your brand features visibly on your truck.

Quality of service

Companies that run fleets need to show their customers that they know how to provide quality service. One way is by taking care of their equipment, making sure it’s in good working order and available when needed. If you need to replace your trucks or trailers, make sure to reach out to an expert company, such as MHF UK Ltd, to ensure you can find quality equipment. Inadequate fleet vehicles will inevitably affect the quality of your service.

Another way is through providing quality delivery service. One of the most important ways you can improve your brand when you run a fleet is by being timely. Delivering on time every time builds trust with your clients and proves that you’re dependable. It’s also an excellent way to make sure everyone in your company knows what they’re doing and how important it is for them to be on time. And if you don’t deliver on time? Be honest about it with your customer and let them know what happened, apologize sincerely, offer them an alternative solution if possible, and then do whatever it takes to fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again.

If you have both quality service and products, people will remember your company for good things!

Running a fleet business can considerably limit your options when it comes to brand marketing. However, your priority is to align your corporate message online with your offline presence through quality service, expert fleet management, and high visibility on the road.

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