How To Set Up Your First Business Website

In todays modern market, no business would be able to thrive without its own website online, as such a huge percentage of commerce is now being done exclusively through the web.

Fortunately, you needn’t fret if you haven’t managed to build the most amazing business website. This handy guide contains some of the most effective steps that you can follow to turn your digital dreams into a reality in no time at all, helping you make the most of the potential success that the internet can offer!

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more now.

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A Catchy, Memorable URL

First things first, you’re going to need a catchy, memorable URL. Your URL is essentially the web address that your customers will use to find your store online, so it needs to be something that is directly related to your brand or the products and services that you offer. A URL has to be totally unique, as no two websites on the internet can maintain the exact same web address, so this is something you need to bear in mind. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your URL before you claim it, as this would no doubt encourage distrust in new customers who may not believe the authenticity of your website.

Create A Stylish Yet Professional Theme

Next up, it’s time to create a stylish yet professional theme that can accurately represent your brand while also remaining as serious and simplistic as can be. It’s great to let your imagination run wild when you design your website, but the more colors and patterns that you use, the less professional and authentic your platform will feel. Remember that this is supposed to be a business site, and this should be represented in the stylistic choices you make.  Use no more than 2-3 different shades, and maximize white space (especially on text heavy pages) so that readers don’t get distracted by your design features. Stick with one specific font throughout your website, as this will help to promote continuity.

A Super Secure Payment Service

Last but by no means least, take some time to investigate your options and install a super secure payment service that your online customers can use to order through your website! Feeling confident enough to hand over a host of valuable private data isn’t always easy for new customers using a website they’ve never bought from before, so you must ensure that they feel comfortable enough to enter their card details. Take some time to find a reputable payment gateway for woocommerce or whichever is your dedicated host, reading reviews and ratings from previous professional users to ensure the service is as safe and secure as possible.

Figuring out how to set up your first business website has never been such a simple task when you can utilize some of the brilliant tips and ideas that have been carefully explained above. You’ll be able to achieve internet superstardom in no time at all, so get out there and build a brilliant business platform today!

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