Is It Time You Took A Break From Your Business?

Look, at time of writing, the sun is shining and summer is in full swing. And what are you doing? We don’t know – we aren’t stalkers – but if you run your own business, you are probably sat in the office, or wherever else you place your butt while at work. And that’s kind of okay; you do need to make money, after all. But all work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl), so it may be time you took a break.

Listen, these are the signs that you really do need to stop for a while.

Signs You Need A Break From Your Business

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here are a few simple signs to look out for to see if you are suffering stress from your online business and that it might be time to take a break, entrepreneur, online, small business, problems, motivation

You are feeling tired, all of the time. It’s quite possible that you are approaching burnout.

You no longer feel the same joy you once did. Those Monday morning blues are returning.

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with your busy workload, with that to-do list forever mounting

You are stressed, and quite possibly irritated with yourself, and everybody and everything around you.

You aren’t sleeping at night, possibly due to the stress you are feeling, and the worries that come from owning a business.

And you find yourself putting off what you should be doing because you just don’t feel like it. Our tips to help you beat procrastination will help, but perhaps your body and mind are telling you something.

People keep asking you if you’re okay. Despite your protestations that you are, you actually realise you’re not when suffering from the other issues on this list.

Is it time to step away?

Do you identify with any of the above? Then it’s time you stepped away from your business and took yourself away. But I can’t, you say. My business needs me. My team won’t be able to cope without me. I will lose money if I do. And so on and so on and so on….  But ask yourself something. Are these fears valid or are you worrying over nothing? Either way, your anxieties can be allayed.

Does your business need you? Yes, but you can’t do everything. You can’t be expected to work 24/7. Perhaps it’s time you outsourced or delegated more to give you time to step away.

Will your team cope without you? Yes, provided you have trained them up in what they need to be doing. They may worry and fret at the thought of your absence, but you will be teaching them independence. You don’t even need to worry about sorting out their wages as you can hire payroll recruitment with Portfolio Payroll to do the job for you.

Will your business lose money? No, not if your team have the skills to carry on work without you for a little while. And if you run your business on your own? Well, ask yourself this question. What’s more important to you, your money or your health? Provided you have a method of budgeting in place, some time off will not bring your business to it’s knees.

New perspective and more energy

Do you need a break? Then take one. By doing so, you will feel better about coming back to work. You will have a new perspective and more energy to carry on with whatever it is you do. Your health will benefit, and you will no longer have the effects of stress weighing you down. Your business shouldn’t collapse because you’re not there, but you may collapse if you are always there. It’s something to think about anyway!

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