Make It Easier on Your Employees: 3 Approaches That Really Work!

Do we place too much pressure on our employees? If you are trying to make sure your employees have targets, do their job, and develop at the same time, you must think they might feel on the pressured side somewhat. Working involves a lot of work, and sometimes, we’ve got to realise that our employees can benefit from tools and resources to make their life easier. How how can we do this?

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Use Tools and Templates

Many employees think that to make a big impact they’ve got to do the job as finely detailed as possible, and focus on 110% perfection. The reality is that if you want to make life easier for your employees, you’ve got to use tools and templates. Approximately 80% of tasks are repetitive, in which case we can find ways to make it easier. There are so many different tools out there. In the deliveries industry, fleet management software helps businesses keep track of their inventory and their fleet. But even if you do not work in an industry with vehicles, you can still use tools to make small work of writing emails or creating presentations. Tools like templates and even voice dictation software can improve productivity infinitely. And if you have no tools at your disposal, you might be surprised how much it will benefit your employees. When your employees work better, they won’t feel bound by the stresses that come with technology.

Working in Bursts

The secret to productivity is working in bursts. Doing short tasks, with significant breaks in between can keep employees focused. The most prominent example of this is the Pomodoro technique. By setting a timer, and doing everything you can within a specific timeframe allows you to stay focused on the tasks, but also gives you adequate downtime in between to recuperate. You can try it yourself; set yourself a timer to get as much done as possible, and stay focused for that period of time- you will actually be more energized during your work sessions, and be more efficient in the long run!

Start With the Most Difficult Task

If you want to make life easier for your employees, you’ve got to give them the tools to take control of their day. Many companies don’t like the idea of autonomy. But if you allow your employees the ability to start with the most difficult task on their plate first thing in the morning, this makes the rest of the day easier by comparison. Many organisations expect things to be done in a certain order, but this doesn’t always work for the individual. If they fare better with the more difficult tasks earlier in the day, you will see more productivity in the long run.
Also consider the fact that, sometimes, your employees are human. When we feel that pressure to be more attractive to customers in how we work, sometimes, we’ve got to realise that our employees need time away. It’s not as easy to work so hard when you’re not feeling right.


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