Speeding Up Your Hiring Process

Making the right hire at the right time is essential to keeping your business ticking over, and performing well. There are a few ways that you can cut the tie and cost associated with hiring the right people for your job.

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Some companies post either a really vague job description or the add on too many other jobs in a single role. Before you create a job specification, you need to know precisely what you need and who you are looking for. The job description will attract the right applicants straight away. Include as much information as possible and limit your jargon too.

If you have a messy or unclear job spec, you will have people who apply who don’t meet the actual criteria you need.


There are specialist recruiters who already have the people you need on file, and they are ready to step into a role immediately. So if you need anything from the new office staff to an immediate pick packer hire. Recruiters can take a lot of the stress off your shoulders.


Don’t be shy when it comes to talking about money. Both you and your intended hire will have salary expectations. So if you don’t put your opening offer (or final offer) in the advertisement, people may apply under the wrong assumption for compensation. Although many companies still want to see what the lowest price they can pay for a new hire is, buck the trend and try to stand out instead.


While resumes and cover letters can give you a significant insight into what people can do, you might want to try something outside of resume-based hiring methods. Putting together short quizzes or exams to faster analyze the skills that people have. Doing this will also give you a list of the top performers, and you can create a shortlist from those.

This also means that you won’t need to spend time talking to candidates that don’t meet what you need.


You need to conduct a thorough interview to get the right person, but you don’t need to interview everyone. Using the resume and the short quiz, you can offer interviews to the candidates that are the most qualified. A typical interview would take at least 60 minutes and need multiple staff. Then a second round, and in some cases a third. That is a lot of hours to spend on hiring a single person.

Get Social

Social media lets us market everything faster. That goes for your job openings too. Make sure that you are using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to advertise the job role. People can then do much of the leg work and will share it with people that they know who might not ordinarily see it.

To summarise – create a detailed job description, without unnecessary jargon. Show your salary offer, and narrow down your candidates down more quickly with the right questions in place. Hiring the right person fast isn’t impossible when you are clear and detailed.

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