Startup 101: Delivering A More Personalised Customer Experience

When starting a new business venture, there are many things that you need to consider. Nonetheless, building a customer-centric operation should sit at the top of your checklist. An added focus on personalisation is easily one of the best ways to achieve this objective.

The first step towards making this happen is to build a winning strategy. Focus on the following features, and you won’t go far wrong.

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Utilise Your Mailing List

Standard adverts like PPC or billboards are great for building awareness. However, sending personalised content to any leads and clients will send engagement levels through the roof. Direct mailing, for example, has enjoyed a huge resurgence in terms of effectiveness. Thanks to data privacy, along with paperless billing, the average person now receives far fewer letters than they once did. In turn, they are more likely to take notice of the promotional content that you send – especially if it has a good design.

Similarly, your email mailing list is a great way to reach out and send a structured campaign where each message moves them down the sales funnel.

Build A Clear Brand Voice

When building your brand, it is essential that you reach the right audience. For starters, you need to know that any ad campaigns are displayed to the right people at the right times. For the best results, though, you must establish the right tone of voice. This will ensure that the brand resonates with the audience, which makes it feel like the products speak directly to their consumer needs. Once you achieve this goal, it becomes far easier to develop a stronger connection with the customer. And ultimately generate more leads.

Opting for a targeted brand image rather than a generic approach may alienate outside audiences. But they wouldn’t have purchased your products anyway.

Embrace Customer Relationship Management Software

The relationship between your brand and the customer doesn’t end with the transaction. Ongoing aftercare and customer care are equally crucial. A dedicated CRM allows you to track data throughout every stage of the journey. This is from their discovery of the brand to their lifetime experiences. It facilitates better customer care for troubleshooting and queries. Not least because agents can pick up the conversation and see the past interactions. In turn, this facilitates consistent messaging which will improve the customer experience.

Data regarding their previous purchases can also be used to promote the most suitable products to them. This tailored approach will boost loyalty and lifetime customer values.


Finally, if you want to create a truly personalised approach to marketing and sales, you must facilitate a two-way interaction. Active listening is one of the most valuable skills that you can develop. Aside from giving clients a voice and making them feel valued, it is a chance to gain valuable insights from them. So, the sooner that you make this a clear part of your strategy, the sooner you can benefit. Aside from solving the consumer’s direct pain points, it’s likely to assist you in providing a better solution to others.

When combined with personalised marketing efforts and client care, there is no doubt that they will respond well. It should translate to increased profits and sustained success.

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