The Secret To Making Money Online (Hint- It’s All About Keeping Your Customers Happy)

Most businesses making money online are selling a product. That’s either directly as a service or physical item, or indirectly by providing interesting content which then attracts paid advertising.  At some point in the chain there is a customer who needs to be kept happy. The reason for this is that these guys are the one that essentially pay for your profits, and without their spending, your business can’t succeed. With that in mind, check out our guide below on how to ensure you online revenue is decent by keeping your customers happy.

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Good delivery times are critical to making money online

Whether you are shipping a physical product, are offering a bespoke digital item, or a pre-made download, delivery timescales are hugely important for customer satisfaction.

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After all, no customers want a huge wait in between paying for an item and receiving it. In fact, due largely to development in the digital world, many customers expect instant access to any online product they are buying. It is, therefore, your responsibility, as the retailer to ensure your delivery systems is robust enough to offer this.

making money online

Automise instant downloads for speed to keep digital customers happy.

That means if customers are ordering physical items online offering them reasonably prices next day delivery and easy returns. However, if customers are purchasing digital products offer automated instant downloads linked to payment verification instead. Something that will make the process easy both for you and them.

making money online


making money online

Over 70% of people now accessing the Internet on their smartphones. So a site that is optimised for desktop use only is a bad idea. After all, by ignoring mobile optimisation and the use of dedicated apps for your business you are significantly reducing the ability of most of your potential clients to get to the information and service they need. Something that certainly isn’t going to endear your company to them and encourage them to use you more or recommend you to others.

With this in mind, it can be very helpful to work with a business like Lexel, an agency of mobile application developers that can create a customized app for your business. You can even offer such an app for free to your customers, increasing their ability to access your services as well as affecting their general view of your business regarding PR and customer service positively. Both issues that can help keep your customers as happy as possible, and your profits as healthy as possible too.


There are downsides of being an online customer. It can feel like a faceless experience when making your purchase. In fact, it can seem like you are left to your own devices to find the information and reassurance that you need to help you make the decision to buy.

making money online

This can be something that puts a lot of potential customers off. However, it is possible to minimise this feeling for your clients by using things like chat boxes, or the options to email, call, or even Whatsapp as a way to contact you with their queries and questions. Something that can vastly improve their experience and so your companies’ success.

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