How Customers Trust Businesses Without Social Proof

All of us go through life purchasing and consuming products and services. That might not sound so romantic or inspiring, but it’s just the reality of modern life and how our economic model is set up, Don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily divorced from the human condition, after all merchants and traders have been in bountiful supply for thousands of years.

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For this reason, we’ve become rather adept at understanding which products are good, and which aren’t. If we make a mistake, we’re unlikely to make it again. But we make that judgemnet without necessarily always relying on social proof. While you might look at online reviews when shopping online, you’re unlikely to bring up your phone and check reviews for a product in a supermarket before you place it in your cart.

So – while social proof is important, it’s not everything. Understanding that is important as a business leader hoping to inspire trust in impromptu purchases, without necessarily having to point to a growing library of online testimonials.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve that more reliably:

Offer A No-Brainer First-Purchase Warranty

The best way to build trust with new customers is to remove as much risk as possible from their initial purchase. If you offer an ironclad satisfaction guarantee or hassle-free return policy that gives them the confidence to try your products without worry, they will. A generous 30-day, no-questions-asked return window is a smart palace to start, sure, but  you can even go a step further by including free return shipping labels. Making the process truly friction-free shows how much confidence you have in your product. That might just convert a lead.

Provide Detailed Product Information

Most people can look up any fact from their pocket in about twenty seconds. For that reason, transparency is essential for earning trust, especially from discerning modern consumers. Don’t keep them in the dark – be upfront and educational about every aspect of your product including their sourcing where needed. You can use custom stickers to make appropriate info obvious, but even having manuals or product details hosted on your website can showcase a commitment to being present, especially if you use engaging copy and multimedia to fully break down the key materials, ingredients, and manufacturing processes involved. This also proves that yes, you’re a real business ready to go.

Show The Humans Behind Your Brand

If there’s one truth in business management it’s this – humanizing your brand by spotlighting the real people who make it all happen – founders, employees,  and anyone else involved in crafting your products or services really does count. People want to not only enjoy freshly baked bread, but they want to know who it’s baked by. This also allows you to differentiate yourself from a million annoying AI-curated or fake websites online trying to post as a legitimate outfit. It also grants you the human factor that cannot be replicated by another firm, except perhaps any upcoming business specializing in clones. Of course, this effort is an internal, not external mode of social proof. Luckily, you have a better chance here.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to help customers trust you, even if you’re lacking social proof for now.

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