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(Guest post) The Latest Trends In Digital Marketing

The amount of consumers that prefer shopping online hoping to find best deals and bargains is increasing day by day. Today, with traditional media declining in importance, companies look towards online tools as an integral component of marketing strategies. Undeniably, the media landscape and marketing has changed in fundamental ways that are long lasting, as digital marketing is expected to continue its rapid growth.

It is imperative that businesses rely on the latest digital marketing tools and techniques to improve the value proposition for the customer and to compete effectively with one another. If you’re new to the whole entrepreneurship deal, then you might want to know about the main trends/tips for online marketing. The most basic and the important ones are:


Starting a blog is the cheapest and fastest way to introduce and announce new products. Platforms blogs can be used effectively to establish a conversation with the consumer. User generated content in blog, such as comments, video comments and product reviews lead to a better perception of the brand.
So, write loads of blogs, hire writers if necessary and use effective keywords & make sure to have a strong SEO base for your webpage(s).

Social Networking:

Undoubtedly, customer-focused approach can be best achieved through social networking. Social media has become a popular marketing medium and is being used to promote products/services and customer engagement by different brands and companies. Make a Facebook and a twitter page for your brand/company. Promotion isn’t the only benefit of social networking; you get first-hand customer-reviews as well.


Transparency aka “full disclosure” of a company’s assets, price of services, etc. is a good way to gain customer’s trust.

Interactive Content:

Make the content on your webpage interactive. Animated quizzes, etc. enhance customer engagement.

Hire Brand Advocates:

Approach your regular customers and hire them as brand advocates online. It’s a good way to ensure customer’s loyalty.

Email marketing!

Electronic mail isn’t dead! Send updates about new offers from your brand/company to the subscribed customers every now and then!

Conduct Surveys:

Once you’ve gained a strong audience on your company’s webpage, it’s time to conduct online surveys. These will help you to easily gain customer feedback.

New Methods of Payment:

Keep an eye on new methods of payment (such as EVM credit cards, 2015) and analyze which method would be most convenient for your customers and for yourself.

Paid Advertisement:

Attracting customers online through organic SEO is all good, but it doesn’t hurt to go for paid advertisements! Do a little research on which sources you can use to advertise online.


Segment your traffic – Keep an eye on the flow of visitors on your webpages and the user behavior. For this purpose, you’ll find tools like Mixpanel, Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, etc. quite useful.

Most marketing campaigns are now taking the digital route because it is a much cheaper and easier way of advertisement and demonstration. The key to successful marketing is to approach as many people as possible, and the best way to do that in today’s world is to use the internet as a medium.

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