3 Areas Of Branding That You’re Probably Getting Wrong

Every business owner knows that branding is a vital part of their marketing campaign but not all of them know how to get it right. Building a good brand isn’t just about fancy logos, it’s about telling your potential customers who you are and what you’re about. A lot of businesses miss the point when it comes to branding and neglect very important elements of it. If you’re making the same mistakes, you aren’t going to get very far. These are the important branding elements that you can’t ignore.

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The Physical World

This is a big mistake that people make to often these days. It’s true that cultivating a great social media personality and building an amazing website are both great ways to improve your brand. But it’s not all about the online world. So many businesses put all of their time and money into the online world and forget about the real world when they’re coming up with a branding strategy, but that’s not the way to do it.

Simple things like your office building have a part to play in your branding. For example, the offices of big tech companies are designed in a way that showcases their forward thinking, futuristic attitude toward business. Even basic stuff like the sign that you put on the front of the building is important so when you come to design your sign, it’s not enough to just stick a blank background with the company name up there. Put the same resources that you would put into all of your other branding into it. You can also use branding on things like bottle openers, mouse mats or water bottles to your advantage. A lot of people think this is old fashioned and doesn’t work anymore but you’d be surprised.

The Product Itself

This sounds obvious but a lot of people actually forget about it. They get so caught up with creating a specific brand and cultivating an image that they forget about the actual product itself. If your branding is too ambiguous and people can’t work out what it is that you actually sell, you’re not going to get very far. Make sure that your products or services are front and centre when you’re creating a brand.

It’s also important that you match the tone of the branding to the products and services that you sell. For example, if you’re selling accounting software, you need to use branding that conveys the image of a trustworthy, sensible company so people know that they can trust your product.

Your Staff

People don’t buy products, people buy people. It’s an old saying in business and it still holds true. Consumers only want to deal with a company that has good service and your staff are the most important part of that service. When you’re trying to convey what your business is all about, your staff are the ones that give personality to the company. That’s why it’s important that your staff are a part of your branding.

If you neglect these things in your branding, you’ll never be able to match your competitors.

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