4 Key Ways To Project An Image Of Success

It’s great to have a robust online presence. It’s fantastic to have a website that gleams with digital beauty while also having smooth UX that not only makes for a pleasant user experience but subtly influences user behaviour. It’s amazing if you post regular content that establishes you as a leading mind in your field and someone worthy of your customers’ trust and support. It’s amazing if you have sophisticated chatbots and well-trained frontline staff to deal with queries in an effective manner. However, despite all the affectations of the digital realm, there will always be times when you need to make an impression right here in (if you’ll forgive the term) meatspace.

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Every now and then you’ll need to make an impression on a trade show,  prospective clients, investors or even interviewees and on these occasions your image will need to sell you as a successful and formidable, yet warm and approachable person. Here are some ways in which you can become the very image of success…

Your eyewear

Your eyes are extremely important. They’re the window into the soul and your point of connection with those you meet and so it’s important that you use a frame company that will help you to make the right impression. Check out https://www.internationaleyewear.co.uk/ for some inspiration. Sunglasses are great and can give you a cool appearance but try not to use them too often or you will appear aloof. Likewise, some frames can make you look more intelligent, sophisticated or approachable. Eyewear is an oft-neglected but important way to make an impression.

Your suit

It’s important to note that in an increasingly informal working environment you don’t always need to wear a suit to convey a professional demeanour. A smart shirt and trouser combo can often do the job just as well. However, if you decide to wear a suit play it safe with dark colours and clean lines which can blend in seamlessly with any business environment. Avoid anything too sharp, however, as this can make you appear vain or aloof.

Your shoes and socks

Your shoes and socks say a great deal about your style and your personality, especially in an environment where many people are dressed homogeneously. It’s generally best to keep your shoes stylish yet conservative. Opt for a half or quarter brogue for a look that is appropriately formal yet not entirely without a sense of fun. You should also use your socks to inject a little colour and playfulness into your ensemble.

Your grooming

Again, with grooming you must walk a fine line. You need to be able to show that the person you’re meeting is worth making an effort for. At the same time, however, a look that’s overcooked can give an impression of vanity and make the other attendee feel that they are less important to you than you are to yourself.

Keep your nails well trimmed, your hair tidy and jewellery minimalist and tasteful. By all means wear a nice scent but use it sparingly. The last thing you want to do is choke the other attendee with a cloud of cologne.

Cover these bases and you’ll make a great first impression which will hopefully lead to a long and prosperous business relationship.

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