Are Your Employees At Risk In The Workplace?

Health and safety should be your number one priority when you’re running a company of your own. Sure, depending on what kind of workplace you’re running, you’re going to need to put different health and safety rules in place. But most of all, if there’s a chance your employees are at risk, it’s key to examine what may be slipping under the cracks in all working situations; let’s go through three of the most common workplaces in which hidden dangers jump out every now and then.

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In the Office


The office is usually considered a safe place; however, it can be very harmful to your health when things like ergonomics and lighting quality are not considered. For example, a poor, flicking bulb can cause headaches, eye strain, and in some cases, even seizures. For anyone working in your office, this shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to an innate easy handling of the matter.

As above all else, all office hazards are easy to prevent. Replacing lights, using bone and muscle friendly chairs, opening windows and using ACs to help keep the air soft and cool, etc., are all great ways to keep employees healthy over the long term.

On Construction Sites

When we think of workplace safety, our minds are most likely to jump to a construction site. A place where hazards are skirted on the daily, and in which a lot of manual labour is required for the job to be completed. With so much toil and grift involved, injuries can occur easily, and there are some very strict rules that need to be adhered to.

One of the most common causes for concern on a construction site is theft, involving various other security threats. Tool thefts are the top issue here, with hundreds reported stolen each and every year. Click Here if you’re keen to know more about the policies that can be put in place to limit such risks from occurring. Make sure you’re aware of these kinds of security risks if you are a contractor.

Round the Shop Floor

Whether you’re working in retail or in a manufacturing facility, there are various risks to deal with on the shop floor. Ranging from tripping over a box of products simply left out in an aisle, to potentially causing serious harm from being trapped in a machine, all sorts of health and safety policies are in place for dealing with hazards in these workplaces.

Indeed, in a manufacturing company alone, the most common injuries are sprains, closely followed by cuts and lacerations – all from working in close proximity to machine parts and a forever running conveyor system. Even just slipping over, thanks to no wet floor notice sign being put out, is a serious (and entirely preventable) cause for concern.

Your employees could be at risk due to a variety of things, but the points above prove what’s most likely to be detrimental to your staff’s working health and safety. Focus on removing them.

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