If Your Pinterest Traffic Isn’t Growing, Here Are 8 Ways To Fix The Problem

Pinterest has been an amazing traffic source for me. But it’s also been a source of woe. I’ve seen first-hand how quickly Pinterest can help you get a surge in traffic, especially on a blog that’s really just ticking along and not showing much growth (despite your best efforts). But I’ve had a lot of experience of my Pinterest traffic stalling. It just flat-lines. And then I’m left wondering – what am I doing wrong? And while I’m at it, why is every blogger on the planet getting hundreds of thousands of hits a day on Pinterest and I’m not? (Actually, those sorts of numbers are rare, but it’s easy to get into that sort of mindset when you read other success stories).

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So, if that’s you, here’s the good news. It is fixable. I have tried lots of different things, but here are the strategies that have been most effective. In no particular order.

#1: Create better pins

I cringe when I look at some of my early pin designs. I spent a lot of time trying out different fonts, images, and here’s what I’ve learned. When creating a pin, use BIG font. It’s got to be clear and readable when people are browsing on the app (on a phone – remember: it’s a small screen). Highlight the critical words in your headline. So if I was creating a pin design for this blog post, a good word to highlight (in bold, or a different colour, stronger font, or different background) would be “Pinterest Traffic” because that’s the keyword I want pinners to pick up on when browsing.

Oh, and quality images are helpful too. I’ve switched from free images to ones from Depositphotos (which are paid-for images but they have a great pricing plan) and that’s made a difference.

Here are a few makeovers:





#2: Re-pin your most popular content

If you are getting a pin that’s got a high number of shares, re-pin it! I was afraid of doing this, thinking Pinterest would frown on it, but it’s actually a very effective way of growing your Pinterest traffic. The same goes for your content. Keep sharing and repinning your most popular content. There’s a reason that content is doing well – so take advantage of it and get it in front of a bigger audience.

Top tip: use Tailwind to discover your most popular boards and when repinning a popular pin, repin it to your most popular board. This makes a HUGE difference.

#3: Re-pin your trending content

In #2, I mentioned pins that are getting lots of shares and repins. But equally important are pins that don’t necessarily have hundreds of repins, but are trending. You want to encourage that trend to go viral, and you do that by repinning a post that has either been repinned a lot in the last 24 hours, or a blog post that has been getting higher-than-average traffic in the past 24 hours.

#4: Apply to more Pinterest groups

I stopped joining more pinterest groups and guess what happened? My growth flat-lined. When I started applying for more, my growth picked up again. This is really important. You can remove yourself from groups that aren’t doing well for you, as a board that was really successful 6 months ago might not be doing so well now. I made the mistake of thinking that once I started using Tailwind tribes, I wouldn’t need Pinterest groups anymore. Wrong. Pinterest groups are far more effective than Tailwind tribes.

#5: Use Tailwind, but don’t rely on it 100%

I made the mistake of thinking Tailwind was my go-to answer for all Pinterest growth. Tailwind is great, but it’s not a solution in itself. On the plus side, the tribes really do help boost your shares, and the analytics are fantastic (see my point above about discovering your best boards for repinning). Their new looping feature has also been a massive time-saver for helping me repin my most popular content.

Pinterest still favors pinners who are actively on the app and repinning, so if you do use Tailwind, use it to boost your profile, and don’t solely rely on it.

#6: Get on the app to boost your Pinterest traffic

I hinted at this in the last point. Pinterest is an app and they want to see people using the app. I really think they favor people who are going on the app on a regular, daily basis and repinning. It shows you are an active, quality user and not someone who is just constantly promoting their business or blog.

#7: Repin other quality content

It’s important to be promoting your own content and repinning your best content, but it’s equally important that you are using Pinterest to share the best content across the platform to your followers, and that means pinning other content too.

#8: Be niche-specific

Niche-specific is really going to help you when it comes to getting followers, and followers do help your Pinterest traffic. Make it clear in your profile and your board names who you are and what content you’re going to serve people. It will make it really easy for your target audience to decide that you are right for them. A 1000 high quality, targeted followers is far better than 10000 followers who aren’t interested in the business or blog that you are promoting, but instead started following you because you pinned a nice recipe (unless you’re a food blogger of course).

These strategies worked wonders for my account and got me out of that frustrating situation of seeing my traffic stay flat or even dropping on a few occasions. Plus, they are really easy strategies to follow. Comment below and tell me if you have any strategies of your own that have worked well – I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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    March 30, 2019 at 7:52 pm (5 years ago)

    Great post Lauren! And like you said consistency is key on Pinterest. It’s an amazing tool to get readers/visitors/leads/followers- whatever you name it. Using Pinterest scheduler is definitely a way to go.

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