Building Trust in Your Business Online

The internet might seem like it’s an infinite space, but despite its vast size, it is getting to be pretty crowded, particularly with businesses who are all trying to stand out from the crowd.

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Now that everyone and his dog knows how to shop online, people are becoming far smarter about online sales techniques and they will only buy from companies that they trust, and with so many companies to choose from, it is definitely a buyer’s market. What does that mean for you? Basically, that you need to do as much as you can to make your brand stand out as, not only offering great products/services at great prices but also as being one of the most trustworthy options around. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Choose a Great Domain Name

If you already have a domain name, it might be better to keep it, even if it perhaps isn’t the greatest because you’ve probably built up a lot of good links and your existing customers will already be familiar with it. However, if you are just starting out, one of the best things you can do to present your business as being a good, trustworthy one, is to choose a domain name that is the name of your business, or something pretty close. It should be easy to spell and as free from clutter like hyphens as possible. Ideally, it should also end in a .com, .uk, .jo etc., depending on which country you are resident in and if you can buy up your business name in various countries, well so much the better.

Hire a Professional Web Designer

Most people know that anyone can use a template to knock up a website in less than an hour if they’re so inclined, which is why basic out-of-the-box websites rarely instill confidence in the buyer. If you want the people who visit your website to believe that you are the honest company you are and make a purchase or two from you, then you really do need to invest a little in creating a custom site that fits the style of your brand and oozes professionality. Hiring a web designer is ideal, but if you cannot afford to do that, paying for a premium template and making a few changes to put your own stamp on it should suffice. Just make sure that it doesn’t look like a 90s nightmare!

Include Testimonials

In the days before online shopping, word of mouth recommendations from friends and family was the best way to find a trustworthy business, In the internet age, this is still true, but there are now a greater number of people to consult thanks to review sites and the like. So, encouraging your customers to review you, perhaps by offering them a discount code if they do so, is very sensible. It’s also sensible to obtain a few genuine testimonials and include them on your business website so that potential customers can get a feel for what you offer, and have their confidence boosted before making a purchase. Just make sure they are genuine – false testimonials are so easy to tell and if you get found out, well your trust levels will plummet.

Make Use of Video

Video marketing is really popular at the moment. If you click here, you can see that there are many benefits to using videos to promote your business online, but perhaps the biggest benefit is that it enables you to “meet” the customers. They can see who you are and how you behave, and they can see you demonstrating your products so they know what the quailty is like and how they perform. It’s just a really easy way to get your message across in a likable way.

Become an Authority

People like experts. They like to deal with people who really know what they’re talking about. Individuals who can clearly demonstrate that they know what they’re talking about are instantly more trustworthy than those who does know. That means that, if you really want to build trust in your business online, you’re going to want to set yourself up as an authority on the niche in which you trade whether that’s consumer electronics or baking cakes. You do this by creating content that is helpful and informative, as well as engaging. Create lots of how-to videos and articles, answer common questions relating to your niche and post videos of you walking the talk, so to speak, and you will fast find yourself gaining followers – followers who will be only too happy to use your business when they have a need.

Show Off Your Team

This might not be absolutely essential, but it can be good to put up pictures and bios of yourself and all of your staff on your website. Being able to see the people they are dealing with and read a little about them will make many people feel more comfortable parting with their money than if they were buying from a faceless, company who could be anyone.

Use Social Media

If you regularly engage on social media, it will be evident that you’re a real company with real people and that can only be a good thing for you. It’s a great way to increase sales on a shoestring too!

Offer Amazing Customer Service

In any business, customer service is often the thing that makes or breaks trust, especially when things do go wrong as they are wont to do from time to time. That means that you need to be totally on top of your customer service offerings. Ensure that you have a simple and informative FAQ page, that your customers can easily contact you in a range of ways to suit their needs, and most importantly that when something does go wrong they are treated kindly and respectfully, and that they get a fast and fair resolution. Basically, go above and beyond because that could mean the difference between a good review and a bad one, and a customer coming back time and time again or never purchasing anything from you ever again.

How do you build trust in your brand online?

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