Building Working Bridges: Four Ways To Improve Yourself In Business

How often do you consider the ways in which you could make yourself a better employee? It’s probably not very often. The thing is, once you have a degree and you’re aiming to line up a job, there’s going to be a part of you that exhales and takes a moment to pause first. You’ve spent all this time making yourself as educated as possible in college, that the next step is now. You’ve tailored your resume to fit the job you want, and you’ve got the degree, but what more could you do to be an excellent prospective employee?

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Go For Experience

You may have had experience at food service outlets while you’ve been studying, but what employers want is relevance. The old Catch-22 of, ‘no work = no experience, no experience = no work’ always seems to be the case when you’re hunting out a place to show off what you learned in college. You need to look at ways you can gain that experience before you can be hired, so why not consider an internship? Most of these are unpaid, but it’s just a case of living the student life a little bit longer so that you can get where you want to be.

Network, Network, Network

Connections are going to get you where you want to be in the business world, and to make those connections you need to surround yourself with the right people and events to meet them. It’s not what you know, but whom. Get involved in events at college so that you can meet the right people in your industry. Securing the job that you want doesn’t have to be a huge hardship if you know exactly how to mingle with the right pringles.

Go Further

You need to look further afield for the right job, so when you plan to go to college and choose your subject, you should have already looked at where in the world you are most likely to find a chance to work it. The world is your oyster, which means that no matter what role you want, you can find it anywhere in the world. You just have to be as mobile as possible and open to relocation if that’s what it’s going to take to get the job you want.


If there is one thing that you need to get your dream job, it’s confidence. You have as much potential as you believe that you have, so go for the jobs you don’t believe that you will have a chance with. Every knock back is just as much of a positive as anything else, because even if you are turned down for work, you have had some experience in an interview setting. Build your confidence each time you interview and eventually you will be successful in your efforts.

Improving yourself in the business world means learning as much as possible about your experience and education and propelling yourself forward. Do more today and reap the reward tomorrow.

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