What You Need to Know Before Launching Your First Business Website

Starting your own business is a massive step. Suddenly, you are an entrepreneur, with your own business, and a lot of work in front of you. In the modern world, an essential part of your business is its website, but it’s incredible how many businesses start-up without having one. People open shops or offer services in the real world, without worrying about a website. They might even have a strong social media presence, without ever considering building a website of their own.

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But, even if your business is based offline, in a brick and mortar store, a website can be handy. It gives you a way to communicate with your audience, to attract a broader client base, to get to know your customers, to build relationships and to make meaningful business connections. You can use your website to sell, to educate, to have some fun and to show a different side of your company. It’s an easy way to do so much. But, merely buying a domain name and getting online isn’t enough. Your website needs to be something special if it’s going to be effective.

Get the Design Right

The design of your website is crucial. If it’s poor, users won’t stick around, and they certainly won’t remember you or talk about your site. Try not to get carried away with fancy fonts or clashing colours that make it hard to look at and read. Instead, keep things simple with lots of white space, easy to read fonts and limited use of bold colour. Hiring the help of a web design agency can help you to create a website that is professional, trendy and stands out from the crowd.

Keep it Professional

Your website can be a great way to show your viewers a bit of the real you. But, it’s still essential that you keep it professional. Don’t swear, avoid using slang, keep things well presented, and remember, it’s your business site. It’s also a good idea to have separate social media accounts for your business so that your customers don’t see your personal ones.

Add Photos and Video

Photos and video make up an enormous part of the internet. Without them, your site can look dated and dull. Add photographs to your posts, and film videos teaching your customers more about your business, and how to use your products. Add information, tutorials and guides to grow interest.


One of the worst mistakes that you can on your website is failing to proofread. If you want your business to be taken seriously, poor spelling and grammar is the last thing that you want. Take some time to proofread each post before hitting the publish button. Ask someone else to read through if you want a second opinion.

Make Sure It’s Mobile Friendly

Most people today view websites on a smaller screen. They browse on their phones or tablets more than on laptops or desktop computers. If your site doesn’t work well on a smaller screen, people will click away. Take the time to make it fully mobile friendly.

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