Creating a Positive and Safe Work Environment

No matter how many people work for you in your team, you have to ensure a safe and positive working environment. Doing so can help the business to thrive, as it helps retain employees, keeps them healthy and well, as well as making the workplace a more productive place to be. It can also help to keep your business doing well, as you will have a safe place to be that won’t cause any issues or problems with being sued because of something faulty in the workplace. So there are many reasons why it should be something on the top of your priority list, to create a positive and safe work environment for you and your team.

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Check Legislation

There are going to be certain legislations for your workspace that you need to make sure that you are adhering to. It can anything from desk and chair alignment for health and safety, as well as things like electrical legislation and health and safety checks. You could look up a guide to fixed wire testing, for instance, as it can be a good idea to make sure that the office space you are working in is as safe as it can be, having all of the wires checked. If you work in niche industries like food or catering, for example, then there can be specific regulations and rules to adhere to.

Passwords and Data Use

Having passwords for your computer systems is so important to make sure that the data that you have is protected. This not only helps to keep your client information private and secure, but also helps to keep your team’s data and information secure too. Educating your team on what is or isn’t acceptable should all be part of the process too. If they know what the expectations are when it comes to data and privacy, then it will go a long way to make sure that it all happens as you expect it to.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV can be quite a dividing topic as some people feel that it shouldn’t be in the workplace. But really, if you want to have a workplace that is safe and secure, and where your colleagues can feel that way too, then having security cameras can help. It can also go a long way to help stock and loss prevention if you have products on site or stock, then it can help you to keep all of that safe and secure too, as it can act as a deterrent to theft, both from external sources or from staff. So there are many benefits to having it installed.

Discuss Expectations

Part of discussing expectations has been mentioned, but as part of the induction process talking to your team about what you expect of them can make a big difference to how things go in the workplace. There is no excuse for ignorance when they know what is expected of them right from the start when they step into the office.

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    Yeap, that’s exactly what I think, too. It’s very important to create a positive safe work environment. Great read.


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