Small Ways To Motivate Your Employees

Looking for a way to motivate your employees? Whilst you can offer big incentives such as bonuses and company cars, the smallest incentives can often be just as effective (and a lot less expensive). Here are just a few small and easy motivation tactics to spur your employees on.
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Get out of the office

Do your employees need a fresh change of environment? Working within the same four walls can stifle creativity. Consider finding new places to conduct meetings – you could take everyone out to a local coffee bar or even go outdoors. If your company’s work is all computer and phone-based, you could even try letting employees work from home every so often. Working from home often results in fewer distractions and can make employees happier by cutting out the commute. There may be certain times when everyone needs to be in the office, but try to have some breaks away – it could boost productivity.

Don’t skimp on snacks and coffee

When it comes to feeding your employees’ productivity, don’t settle for generic snacks and cheap instant coffee. Treating your employees to new flavours could help add excitement to the workplace. Consider upgrading to a professional coffee machine and look into interesting coffee blends as found at . Bring new foods into the office for people to try and keep your employees stimulated.

Encourage employees to suggest company improvements

Employees will care more about your company’s success if they feel that they can contribute ideas and help suggest improvements rather than simply following orders. Whilst you don’t have to accept ideas suggested by your employees, you should allow yourself to be open to ideas. Actively encourage suggestions for improvements – these could be emailed to you privately, written on a communal whiteboard or brought up in meetings.

Show your appreciation in words

This is one of the simplest ways to motivate employees and yet so many employers fail to do it effectively. Simply expressing praise in words can help employees to feel valued, helping them to care more about your company and their work. Make sure to praise employees when they have a success. Praising employees in front of customers can be particularly effective at boosting confidence and morale. You could also consider thanking employees at the end of each day before they leave – this will further help to make employees feel valued.

Take an interest in your employees’ personal lives

You don’t have to be friends with your employees, but you should try to connect with them on a human level. Try to take an interest in their personal lives and goals – this will build trust and will make your employees more willing to work hard in order to make you happy. You could even consider spending time with your employees outside of work hours such as going for a drink after work or hosting a Christmas party or a team building day out (sites such as have some great examples of activities days to consider). You can still keep a professional distance whilst being able to talk to your staff on a personal level – finding the right balance isn’t easy, but you should try to strive for it.

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  1. Albert Reza
    September 19, 2018 at 9:09 am (6 years ago)

    I’m so happy that some of the ways listed above are being done here in the company where I’m employed at. I’d look forward to more coffee! 🙂


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