The Perks Of The Job: 4 Unique Things To Offer Employees

Employers are always looking for ways to keep their employees happy. Not only will the right perk boost morale, but it will also keep the turnover rate low. Both of these things are essential for success. However, there aren’t too many benefits a worker can’t get from you which aren’t available with a rival. Copycats! It’s as if everyone in a five-mile radius has health insurance and a company car.

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To stand out from the crowd, you have to give them something they need and want. Otherwise, a wealthier competitor will poach the best talent. Below is a list of perks which fit the bill.

Pet-Friendly Office

Back in the day, employees used to care about traditional things such as their kids. Nowadays, children are replaced by animals. Yep, pet-parents are real and they take their responsibilities very seriously. After all, a dog can’t walk or feed itself. Allowing them in the office or the nearby vicinity is a clever way to kill two birds with one stone (not literally!) as they won’t have to worry about their pets. Plus, seeing their furry friends around the workplace will keep their motivation high even in the darkest of days.

Outdoor Shelter

It’s great to give employees an outdoor area to relax in for fresh air, but the weather isn’t always on your side. So provide a small, outdoor shelter. Why is an aluminum canopy essential? It gives your employees an opportunity for some fresh air without getting soaked. As well as a shelter, it’s wise to give them regular breaks to stop them from getting stressed out and worked up. Instead of one hour at lunch, you can encourage them to take thirty minutes and two fifteen minute breaks, one in the morning and the afternoon.

Time Off

By law, employers have to provide up to 28 days of leave including bank holidays. There is no reason to go over this amount because one month is quite a lot of time. However, paying them to go on holiday and giving them the opportunity to take unpaid leave are two different things. If anything, the latter is a very smart move as the company doesn’t lose much while the employee gains everything. The perceived loyalty will encourage them to do the same for the business. And, they’ll come back refreshed and ready to work as hard as ever.

Gym Membership

Obesity is at an all-time high, and employers have skin in the game. An overweight, unhealthy employee is less focused and not as productive. So, providing a free gym membership is in everyone’s interest. Of course, your workers get to exercise without paying extortionate fees while you get a staff member who can concentrate. Some companies go as far as to build a gym so as not to fork out a fortune on private memberships.

Wouldn’t you love going to work if you had all of the above at your disposal?

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