Say It Loud; Stand Out In A Busy Market

In today’s world there seems to be endless marketing messages vying for our attention, in fact, often we are so bombarded with marketing messages, social media notifications and other forms of advertising that we zone out – making it hard, as a business owner, to grab the attention of your audience, particularly in a crowded marketplace

This bombardment of content has contributed to a phenomenon known as information overload, which is something you need to be aware of, as a business owner, because a lot of times people are viewing content as “marketing noise” meaning they aren’t absorbing the message you’re trying to promote.

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Become Relevant To Your Audience

It’s useful to think of this via the analogy of having a 10×10 trade show booth at a busy trade, for at a trade show there are similarly lots of exhibitors all vying for the attention of people passing their stand – using many tactics to engage and connect with their audience.

What is often found in marketing, generally as well as at trade shows is that RELEVANCE is the secret sauce when it comes to standing out from the crowd and getting noticed in a positive way.

This means that if you are wanting to get noticed and stand out from the crowd of competitors, then you need to offer a product or service that is packed in a way to be more relevant to your audience than that of your competitors.

Indeed, relevance is quite possible the most fundamental ingredient of using digital marketing to grow your web traffic – and in this sense it’s more quality that matters over quantity, as you want the people visiting your site to be an equally relevant and engaged audience, as you don’t want to waste your marketing budget on paying for clicks to your site from people that aren’t likely to purchase from you.

Connecting With Your Audience

Within the theme of relevancy, it’s often advisable to focus on a particular niche and position yourself as an within a much narrower market than it is to position yourself as a generalist.

If you were to think about a personal training business, for example, there are many general and generic personal trainers that offer to help anyone get fit.  Agreed, it can be good to have broad market appeal, but this can make the service somewhat of a commodity meaning people just start looking for the cheapest personal trainer.

When you are relevant to a particular group, however, people are uniquely attracted to you based on the relevance you have to them attaining a specific goal; meaning there is a greater perceived value of what you provide – because at the end of the day people are buying the result you are able to offer, not the product or service itself.

Solve A Specific Problem

In summary, the secret to standing out from the competition, particularly in a crowded market, is to become a bigger fish in a smaller pond, meaning you focus on solving a handful of very specific problems, thus positioning yourself as the “go to expert” in that particular area.

You want to focus your marketing attention on resolving a particular pain or struggle that your customer faces and demonstrate how you can solve this.

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