Sisters Selling It For Themselves: What It Takes To Sell A Product

What is it about selling that just seems hard? Without generalizing, men tend to be the more confident sex. They just do. They statistically seem to sell more with ease. Note, that may not be more in general, but it sure does seem like a piece of cake to them. Whereas women naturally are more intimidated. They don’t want to intrude on someone’s day or feel as if they are taking advantage of someone. So trying to sell as a female can sometimes feel hard. Yet, when you’re somebody that really wants to be able to start their own business and have fun with it, you really don’t have to worry so much about getting stuck with sales. Instead, you want to know that you can make the sales you need to find success with the business. And here’s how you’re going to do it.

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Believe In What You Do

To start with, don’t try to sell something that not even you want or need or believe in. Because you will not be able to sell it to anyone else. Not even your mom. But if you LOVE the product or service and you believe in it, then this is going to be easy for you.

Have A Fool-Proof System

Next up, you absolutely need to make sales easy. Do not make yourself climb a bunch of hurdles to pick up the phone. Instead, have a go-to system and routine. Know if you’re calling or sending emails. Think about the delivery system and the truck insurance you need. Know how long it takes to turnaround new product. Know your stuff = get it right.

Get Personal

Really want to win? Get. Personal. Not in a creepy kinda way, but in a BFFs kinda way. Don’t be distant or corporate if that’s not your brand. Remember, your customers crave that personal customer experience, so give it to them. Talk to them. Connect with them. When you do, selling is a breeze because these ladies are your friends, not a bunch of strangers you’re trying to sell to!

Push Your Marketing Tactics

And then next, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re marketing in the right way. To the right people. Really know how you’re going to target your ideal customer. How you’re going to show her (or him) what you’ve got. How you’re going to capture your hearts. This could be with SEO and blogging or social media and PR. Or a cocktail of it all. So make sure that you’re targeting them from all angles. That way, they’ll be aware of who you are, and it does make the sales process easier.

Know That You’re Helping People

Now, if you could just get over that deep rooted fear that you’re flogging something, you’ll have this down – right? But, when you believe in the product and you KNOW that it’s going to change people’s lives, you’re not flogging anything or fooling anyone in the slightest. Instead, you’re introducing something into their lives that they need. That they want. That they LOVE. And yes, that is going to help them too. So really, you’re doing them a disservice by NOT selling to them. Remember that.

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