This $1 Tool Can Be Your Secret Weapon For Great SEO

Great SEO seems like an impossibility sometimes. After all, spend just 5 minutes reading up on SEO and it soon starts sounding rather technical and, well, like a lot of work. Perhaps you’ve even wondered if it’d be easier to buy website visitors via ads.

Have you ever browsed around SEO blogs and videos and thought: wow, this is pretty complicated. I’m really going to have to pay someone to do that for me.

Yep. Me too.

I decided I wanted to recruit a specialist SEO company, and I was ready to sign the contract when a little voice in my head told me not do. I just thought to myself: you know, it can’t be that difficult. Other people have figured it out. Let’s try a few things and see what happens.

What Happened Next

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Forget expensive and complicated SEO techniques. This surprising $1 tool (that you probably already have) is all you need to get started with SEO on your blog, great seo, traffic, google

So I did. And let me tell you something. It worked. I got the same rankings in just three weeks that the SEO company told me would take them three months to achieve (and thousands of dollars!). And all that techie stuff? You don’t need to know it. Sure, learn it if you really want. But if you are a beginner like I was and just need to get started, that advanced stuff isn’t needed.

Now, there are plenty of pieces of advice I can give you about how I got started on SEO, but it would be too long for a blog post, so I’m going to give you some simple things you can do to just get started on SEO. And it doesn’t involve the latest and greatest tools, it doesn’t require the use of software, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Using Something A Little Bit Old Fashioned To Achieve Great SEO

In fact, all you need is something that’s actually thousands of years old.

A piece of paper.

Get a pen, and a piece of paper, and jot down some ideas about what you think your customers would type into google to find a company or a service like you are offering. Why do this on paper? Because you need to think like a human, not a machine. So by removing yourself from the computer, you’ll allow your brain to think creatively. And that is why I say that SEO isn’t technical. Because all Google is doing is trying to help humans find the information they want. So the more talented you are at predicting human behaviour (as opposed to a machine’s behaviour) the more success you are going to have with SEO. Write down as many ideas as you can. Don’t stop at ten. Try and think of hundreds. If you have customers you can speak to, ask them what they would type into Google to find you.

So what do you do with all this information? Well, you make sure that is exactly how you word everything on your website. If customers are looking for beautiful necklaces for bridesmaids, give them exactly that. Don’t give them an obscurely named page such as jewellery for special occasions. Apply this rule to every piece of content on your website, and you’ll find that SEO starts to work for you in no time.

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  1. Alvern at Success Unscrambled
    October 3, 2018 at 12:44 pm (6 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing this simple piece of advice Lauren. It really turned SEO on its head and made me laugh out loud.

  2. Novawebdesigns
    May 31, 2019 at 11:27 am (5 years ago)

    Great post ,Thanks for sharing this post . I am very interesting in this post . I would like to share my opinion ont this topic . With such encouraging numbers, designing for cell websites holds a whole lot of promise within the close to future.


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