Using a Podcast As the Greatest Marketing Tool

The humble podcast is vital to any business’s longevity these days. As a product itself, the podcast is invaluable to creating followers, disciples, and making any brand boost its value instantly. What’s more, a podcast is a very simple thing to create, not to mention the fact that it is a perfect conduit to building a relationship with your audience, makes your business more authentic, but also can create a sense of exclusivity. What does it really take to make a podcast the most pivotal marketing tool? 

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Focus on the Relationship Between Podcast and Audience

The common denominator between podcasts is that they’re always asking to subscribe. You can ask your followers to subscribe so they’ll get the podcast instantly.

But if you want to go one step further, and monetize what you are doing, you could go down the Patreon route and provide exclusive content. People can subscribe to your podcast, but if you really want to monitor an audience’s dedication to you, this is one way to do it. And when we start to monitor and track our audience, we can reach out to them better.

You could create ways to communicate with your audience better, such as using a community building platform. When we focus on the quality of our audience, rather than just the numbers, we are going to have dedicated followers, and therefore, dedicated customers.

Catering to a Niche

Podcasts are effective when they cater to a very specific niche. There are many health-related podcasts out there. However, the ones that are being touted as the next best thing are those that are not just sitting around “shooting-the-breeze,” but are providing real tangible results.

If you are looking at a podcast like the Huberman Lab Podcast conducted by a professor at Stanford, and roots all of their health findings in real science, it’s these podcasts that seem to go further. Catering to a niche is the best approach because it’s going to differentiate you from the rest of the market. But as the Huberman Lab Podcast has shown, you can have an effective podcast that is within a subject matter that has been covered countless times. In the health industry, the world is forever evolving. Therefore, there is still a hunger, but the fact is that people are always looking for ways to improve themselves. A niche isn’t something that hasn’t necessarily been done before.

Using Your Podcast to Prove Your Authority

Influencer marketing is focused on the experts in a specific field. Similarly, when you host a podcast that positions yourself as an expert in a specific field, it will provide audience members with invaluable insight.

Going back to health podcasts, you are going to listen more attentively to a podcast where the information is being provided by an expert in their field. Doctors, specialists, and any other knowledgeable person is going to be more effective at providing the best results for an audience member than someone who is not. But that’s not to say that inexperienced people are not allowed to contribute to this podcast. One of the things that make podcasts interesting is the conflict. We can have experts on a podcast, but if they are explaining things in terms that people would understand, this will also be alienating to an audience.

The Importance of Regularity

Something that is so important in the podcast world is regularity. Much like any social media posts that you need to send on a regular basis, the same thing occurs with a podcast. Many people put podcasts out the same day every single week, and it’s the regularity that keeps the interest alive. Regularity is so important to a podcast but to any form of promotional material. When we start to be regular promoters and posts, this is going to help us boost our reputation. And it’s also playing to the strengths of the algorithm.

Ultimately, it’s about the numbers game. But you have to remember that it’s to do with the quality of the content as well. This is why it’s not just about the podcast, but about supplemental content too. Show notes are to be expected these days, that show notes are just a great way to supplement a podcast, they can be a vital component of a link building strategy as well.

Podcasts are incredible marketing tools. Many businesses use them as a way to promote products. The podcast itself is also the shining product in the modern landscape.

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