Workplace Stress: Four Steps You Can Take to Reduce It

Work can be stressful in any environment, but if you are a business owner or a busy professional, you may find your stress is even more accentuated. By finding ways to reduce your anxieties, you can recharge yourself to achieve new goals. After all, if you can release tension, you may find yourself soaring to new heights.

It’s always important to identify and address any areas where stress becomes overwhelming, be it at home or work. Oftentimes, work-related stress, such as conflicts with coworkers or confrontations with an abusive boss, can lead to serious health problems or even drug or alcohol addiction. Ignoring stressors can only things worse.

Give Yourself Reminders

Stress is not always avoidable. However, knowing your stressors can help put things into context. Is it the long hours? The environment? Think about when you find your stress surging and ask what could be changed to lessen it. To challenge those stresses, remind yourself of your accomplishments. It’s easy to lose sight of what you have achieved when stress comes knocking. Detail your accomplishments in a list that you can avail of whenever you need to be reminded of your progress. You might include milestones that your business has attained or achievements in your profession. Remember to recognize every accomplishment, such as your first client or your first check. They all add up to an inspiring, broader picture. In fact, you could even frame those achievements to put on a desk or wall.

Take Control Of Your Schedule

Sometimes, it’s just not practical to take time off. But you should not be defined by your work or business. Try to find ways to seize ownership of your schedule. If you find that you do not have time to yourself, then give yourself some. Disconnecting from work stresses can turn your home into a sanctuary. At work, you could take breaks to recharge, such as taking 10 minutes to walk around or have a coffee. You may feel guilty about the idea of taking time off, but remind yourself that good mental health can allow you to pursue new goals. Indulge whatever brings you happiness on rest days, whether that is a day of Netflix or spending time with loved ones.

Focus On The Basics

Self-care is integral to stress reduction, and making good choices for your mental well-being is essential. Think about your daily basics and ask yourself if you are fulfilling your needs. Are you drinking enough water and eating sufficiently? Have you been sitting for more than 45 minutes? How about sleep? Being well-rested can keep you physically and mentally healthy.

As a supplement to supporting your basic needs, consider developing techniques to cope with the stresses you may be facing. One of the most valuable is learning deep-breathing exercises. There are plenty of tutorials online, and they can be practiced anywhere. Yoga and meditation, meanwhile, can also offer positive stress management. Just like deep breathing, they can be practiced virtually anywhere and can offer a meaningful way to relieve stress.

Accept Support

Stress can become isolating to business owners and professionals alike. You may feel as if no one understands your experiences. Yet, that does not have to be so. Opening up can be a big stress reliever, as having people simply to listen to your thoughts and feelings can be validating. Talk to your family and friends about what’s happening at work. Let them know what you are dealing with, especially if you have identified stressors. You could even seek out people in similar situations to you through online communities. They may be able to offer constructive advice through their own experiences. As well, try to delegate as much as you can. Let your employees or loved ones take on some of your responsibilities. Dialling back even just a little can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking a few steps back can help you leap forward. We all need time to recharge, either at home or at work, by allowing others to help when it’s needed. Take stock of what you need to succeed and implement it.

This is a guest post from Julie Morris, Life and Career Coach at

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