10 Resources & Ideas To Support Your Staff Wellness Program

According to AllWork.Space, ‘A Global Wellness Institute survey found that 70-80 per of US companies believe that wellness programs reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. In addition, organizations with wellness programs report ‘up to 65% lower employee turnover and 10% higher customer satisfaction.’

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If you’re looking to create or improve a staff wellness program, you’ll be glad of these top resources and ideas.

Resources to support staff wellness

1. Limeade

Limeade is a software tool with features for wellness, engagement, and inclusion. Using this application you can support your staff with all aspects of their wellbeing, whether emotional, financial or work-related. With plenty of engagement and inclusion insights, you can use your data to make meaningful changes within your organization. According to Limeade, with support from their software, your staff are ‘ 4 x less likely to suffer from burnout’ and ‘ 10 x more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work.’

2. Woliba

Woliba is a digital platform for staff engagement, recognition and wellness. Here you’ll get analytics, valuable data, and automated comms. Want to help your employees to get their work-life balance sussed? If so, Woliba can help. Content is varied on Woliba, supporting staff with their physical health, their mental health, and their goals within the organization. The Woliba program appreciates that everyone has a different concept of wellness, and so here you’ll find a personalized and holistic approach. Areas of focus include stress, nutrition, health, lifestyle and workplace.

3. IncentFit

IncentFit is a wellness and health benefits service, offering business wellness benefits that reward staff for making healthy decisions. There are many different programs to choose from within the IncentFit range, for example, the ‘wellness challenges’. Here you’ll find all different types of challenges from mindfulness challenges, to gym-based challenges, financial challenges and more. Employees can access fitness reimbursements, set wellbeing goals or take part in Pulse Surveys.

4. Well right

Wellright is a corporate wellness program, supporting employees to make healthier lifestyle choices, whether as a group or as individuals. The platform includes 300+ flexible and fun challenges and wellness activities to choose from. Wellright takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, addressing six areas, including social, emotional occupational, physical, financial and purpose. The tool also offers free coaching, for staff and their families, to help them make wellbeing a part of their everyday. Wellness coaches are available around the clock, to motivate employees to achieve their wellbeing goals.

5. Wellness 360

The Wellness 360 program was designed to help businesses promote engagement, health and wellness. It’s a tool created to support both fitness and health, using challenges, coaching, events and app content. There’s a rewards engine to boost engagement and a tracker to keep an eye on progress. Staff can access wellness treatments, set goals, and perfect their work-life balance, with this range of activities and tools.

With any one of these wellness tools, you can streamline the process of creating a corporate wellbeing system. For further ideas to support your staff, check out a few of these.

Ideas to support staff wellness

6 . Perfect your environment

A number of studies have highlighted a correlation between working environment and wellness. To create an environment that supports wellbeing and productivity, focus on the following areas:

  • Health: Make healthy adjustments to your working environment, use plants and air purifiers to improve air quality, and ensure that all workstations are ergonomic.
  • Creativity: Design workstations that boost creativity, think bright colors, motivational artwork, standing desks, or group-friendly areas.
  • Aesthetics: A drab office space is no fun to work in, and can even compromise productivity. Get those renovations done and create an attractive space that feels comfortable and relaxing to work in!

7. Consider your leadership style

Overbearing leadership styles can poorly affect creativity, engagement and wellbeing. When you take a different approach, you’ll start to see the opposite effect. Take it upon yourself to encourage autonomous teams, with more responsibility and the opportunity to practice independence. Creating goals together is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Supporting your staff is as much about assessing your own performance, as it is about assessing theirs.

8. Focus on team building

Help your employees to build strong relationships, with plenty of team-building and social exercises. These don’t have to be corporate and boring, these can easily be plenty of fun if you use your imagination! Whether it’s themed company retreats, or (pandemic friendly) virtual wine tasting, team building events are a great way to improve wellness. Team building results in better teamwork, a stronger company culture, and more creative projects.

9. Improve your training opportunities

It can be beneficial to improve your training opportunities, to help employees progress within their roles, and within the company. The first step is to gain some feedback. Find out if there are any courses or training themes that your staff are interested in? Let them tell you what they need, to perform their duties better. With the right feedback, you can focus on the correct areas, and help your organization to grow together, as a team.

10. Basic risk assessments

Last up, it’s important to perform risk assessments regularly. These assessments will help you to analyze your health and safety processes and see if you need to make any updates to your policies. The basic risk assessment procedure involves identifying any on-site hazards. You’ll need to determine who is at risk, and which precautions are necessary to remove these risks. Depending on the nature of your industry you might need to store some health and safety equipment on-site whether it’s

Fire Fighting Equipment or protective clothing. Perform regular testing on your equipment and appliances, to ensure that everything is up to standard.

Once you’ve put a wellness program in place, ensure that you collect feedback from your employees. With their feedback and insights, you’ll be able to make ongoing improvements to your program. With an excellent wellness program in place, you can focus on your business performance and growth.

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