3 Genius Ways QR Codes Will Boost Website Traffic

QR codes are one of the best modern inventions as they’ve transformed marketing for businesses. Before, you’d have traditional and digital marketing techniques almost competing against one another. Your digital techniques would drive traffic to your site, while traditional ones focused more on general brand exposure or trying to secure sales.

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The problem with traditional marketing is that it’s almost impossible to track and analyse. But, QR codes are changing this. Having a code for people to scan means you can track the effectiveness of various traditional marketing techniques. With that in mind, this post will showcase three genius ways to use QR codes that’ll boost your web traffic figures!

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still pretty effective – arguably more so than email marketing. It has a higher open rate, and QR codes can ensure your direct mail leads to more traffic. Add the codes to your mail marketing contact and recipients can scan it and be taken to your site.

The key is giving them a reason to scan – this could be a discount code, a new product, etc. Work with mail house services to get all of your letters created and ready to distribute. Send them out and track your website stats to see how many new visitors you get via the QR code.

Advertising Posters

Again, advertising posters used to be great for gaining exposure, but they’re notoriously hard to track. How can you be sure that someone visits your site because they saw your poster at the train station or bus stop?

Well, the solution is simple these days: add a QR code to your posters. Placing one in the corner is an easy way to give people direct access to your website. Be sure to create good landing pages so the page they visit aligns with the advert. It can be a very smart way of generating sales and capturing leads that you may have missed out on before.

TV Adverts

TV advertising is still going strong – and I guess we can branch out to online video advertising on sites like YouTube too.

These ads will generate lots of exposure for your brand, and a well-placed QR code at the end – or throughout the video in the corner – can drive a lot of clicks your way. Loads of companies are doing this now, with some broadcast stations actually incorporating QR codes as part of their television coverage! It makes so much sense – people are usually on their phones while watching TV, so you may as well take advantage of this.

As you can see, QR codes have a huge place in the modern world of business marketing. They transform old methods that used to be hard to track into much more powerful ones. Now, you can clearly see if direct mail, posters or TV ads are working for you. The results can be surprising – you might discover that these methods bring in more traffic and generate more sales than ones like email or social media. It depends on your target market, but it’s always worth trying QR codes and looking at the results.

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