Familiarise Yourself With Your Workers’ Rights

Taking on employees is a huge responsibility and a major step for any small business owner. You become responsible for the wellbeing of others within your jurisdiction and it is extremely important that you uphold all of your workers’ rights at all times. It’s the least that you can do, bearing in mind that these individuals are the people who will be generating profit for you. So, to help you along the way and ensure that you are carrying out your role as an employer correctly, here are a couple of areas for you to focus on for now!

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There are laws in place to ensure that employers are fair and correct in their recruitment process and in the way they treat people who are working within their company. Some of these laws and rules revolve around prejudice. It is absolutely unacceptable to display prejudice to any individual within your establishment based on various personal factors. These can include age, race, belief system, sexuality, and gender identity to name just a few traits.


If you are considering dismissing an employee for any reason, you need to make sure that this reason is legally acceptable. It can be relatively difficult to actually fire someone who is working for you – they need to have displayed particular types of behaviour in order for you to terminate your contract with them. Hopefully, the below infographic from Harper James Solicitors will be able to help you to determine whether you can fairly let go of a particular employee or not.

Infographic Design By Harper James Solicitors

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