Too Much Power Captain!?: Monitor Energy Waste Levels

Small businesses make a lot of mistakes along the way to becoming a finely oiled machine. Once you make the mistakes and learn from them, you can expand and grow very rapidly as things start to fall into place. It’s entirely right to focus on the bigger problems at hand such as transportation efficiency to your warehouses and distribution to all your customers and indeed partnerships.

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However the slow dripping tap of wasted energy is the hole at the bottom of the bucket. It may not seem like it affects your business at first or even for a long time, but eventually it will start to drain resources. You never ever really know what’s going to happen in the future thus you need as much available funds as possible. And when you’re wasting energy in your daily business tasks, this pool which you can access gets needlessly smaller. One way to figure out where you’re going wrong is to monitor all your relevant working stations.

A watchful system

Sometimes you can’t ask every employee to just be more careful. They have a lot on their minds and they need to be able to focus on their job at hand and getting in done. Deadlines are more important than the job of saving energy at a minute level. This is where a watchful system can come in and do this for you. You can find a monitoring and target system for energy efficiency compliance, which will spot all the areas in your business which are being more wasteful than others. Usually this will amount to heating systems that turn on at times when they don’t need to and raise up the temperature of the room more than is required.

Be honest, do you really know what temperature the thermostat is set to in your office and what exact times it turns on and off? What about when your lights turn on or even if they are on in rooms that don’t get used but only occasionally? A monitoring system will give you all the data you need to make efficiency changes with an educated standpoint.

The main haven of waste

Of all the places in a business where there is waste, it’s usually going to be in the manufacturing facility and or in the warehouse. Large equipment is being used in both, and many workers are focusing on the job at hand as it’s sometimes physical. They need to be able to maintain concentration when they’re lifting, or using equipment such as plasma torches to make sure they are keeping up to standards. Therefore, it should be the job of the manager to report to you what kinds of things are going on that seem wasteful. It could be equipment being left on for longer than it should such as delivery trucks leaving their engines on while being loaded which could take anywhere between half an hour or one hour. Why waste fuel just allowing the engine to tick over?

There’s a great possibility you could save a lot of money each year just by changing up a few small supposedly insignificant things. Use a monitoring system for the office whereby lighting and heating can be turned on when nobody needs them. Energy powering equipment can be wasted just by nonchalant attitudes or simply an incorrect procedure thus your managers should come up with suggestions to fix this.

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