No Place For The Timid: Bold Self-Promotion Strategies For Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs remember that “eureka” moment that placed them on a path to start their own business. Whether they formulated an idea for a new product or improved upon an existing one or whether they simply spotted a gap in the market that had yet to be filled by competing businesses, there’s nothing like the surge of joy and self-belief that comes with knowing that you have the beginning of a viable business idea. As you slowly formulate your business plan and work out your prospective cash flow analyses your excitement mounts and on the day you first open your doors you’re positively brimming with infectious enthusiasm…

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self promotion strategies

But how do you translate that infectious enthusiasm into promotional strategies that will help your business hit the ground running? You may be eager to share the good word with prospective clients and other businesses (who knows when the next co-branding opportunity may come along), but at the same time you’re aware that shameless self-promoters can easily become a nuisance. Check out these bold self-promotion strategies for entrepreneurs and their enterprises…

Branded promotional products

Business cards are great. They get your name, brand and logo in front of important sets of eyes. But they can also wind up forgotten and neglected in pockets and wallets. Why? Because they don’t really represent all that much value for the recipients.

Branded promotional products, however, offer all the benefits of business cards while also fulfilling a useful function in the recipient’s home or office. Head on over to to see just how diverse a range of goods you can get your name and logo on. When the recipient sees it in their desk or kitchen drawer, not only will they think of you and your brand, they’ll associate you with usefulness.

Attend networking events… But do them right

Networking events are a great way to build contacts, meet influential people and establish your presence on the business landscape. However, it’s essential that you recognise networking events for what they are… A social activity. They are not an opportunity for you to pitch. Could you meet someone that you later do business with? Absolutely! But they won’t do business unless you take the time to get to know you and earn your trust.

Build trust with social proof

The sad truth is that no matter what you tell prospective customers about yourself and your business, they’re always going to take it with a grain of salt. However, while consumers may not take every word brands say as gospel, they do place their trust in what other consumers say. Thus, leveraging different forms of social proof like customer reviews, positive social media comments and the testimony of experts and social influencers can speak more eloquently to some customers than anything you could ever say about yourself. The latter can also work wonders for your brand’s SEO by virtue of their huge followings.

Embody your brand

Finally, perhaps the most effective way to promote yourself is by embodying the values and standards upon which your brand was built. If your personal behavior doesn’t embody the promise that’s inherent in your branding, you can’t possibly expect to be taken seriously.

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