Disheartened by the Obstacles in Your Way? Here Are 3 Uplifting Things to Consider

We all face obstacles in our lives from time to time, whether in work, in our personal relationships, or in the pursuit of worthwhile goals of all sorts.

Sometimes, the obstacles we face can seem truly insurmountable, and can dishearten and demoralise us to the point where we begin to lose hope, and to give up on our dreams and ambitions altogether.

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If you are employed in a corporate job that you hate, and have dreams of making it on your own as an entrepreneur, you may well face these kinds of obstacles, and find your heart sinking as a result.

If that’s happening to you, here are some uplifting things to consider.

There are solutions and workarounds to just about every hurdle that you may be faced with

Major obstacles and hurdles certainly exist, and they can certainly impede our progress. But it’s important not to give them too much credit, or to assume that they are insurmountable. They almost never are.

In reality, there are solutions and workarounds to just about every hurdle that you may be faced with. If you need a new van for work, but can’t afford one, you may well be able to get one on finance from a company like The Good Van Company, and move forward with your ambition.

If you are impeded by a physical condition or issue, realise that there are many successful entrepreneurs who have come up with ingenious workarounds for their physical limitations, and have achieved truly tremendous things.

It’s worth always assuming that whatever obstacle you’re faced with can be worked around somehow. It’s just a matter of doing your research, trying things out, and finding the right approach.

Even just stumbling forward in the right direction, little bit by little bit, can lead to incredible improvements

Often, when we become deeply disheartened and find ourselves tempted to give up on our goals, it’s because we have bought into the false presumption that it’s either all or nothing.

You may well believe that, unless you can get a thriving business up and running and paying the bills within six months, the entire project is hopeless, and you are a failure. Or, you might believe that unless you have access to a huge pot of investment money, there’s simply no way of you achieving anything meaningful.

In reality, even just stumbling forward in the right direction, little bit by little bit, can lead to incredible improvements and gains over time.

You may not be able to build an international business empire overnight. But you can start small, and do something every day to move things forward. Get a web domain name. Build your website. Refine your target audience and brand identity.

No one gets it right first time, failure is a learning process and a road to improvement

Failure often has a tremendous ability to knock us down, and steal the wind from our sails. When we fail in pursuing our entrepreneurial goals, we often take it as a sign that we are stupid, naive, unskilled, and worse, and that our business vision was always a pipe dream.

Realise that even the greatest entrepreneurs in the world have multiple failed business ventures to their names.

The truth is that no one gets it right the first time. Failure is a learning process, and the road to improvement. You just need to take the lesson, adapt your approach, and try again. Each time you get up and dust yourself off, you are closer to finding the right combination.

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